Tourist Spots in the Philippines

2 February 2017

Introduction Tourism is all about the travel for pleasure that creates business because tourists need transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. that businessmen can provide. The tourism industry contributes in the economy of one country. Tourism industry gives them a large amount of dollar. There must be hotel accommodations that the travelers need and by this, there are lots of tourists attracted to those places because of their good accommodation.

The tourism industry plays a big role in economy’s development and it may be affected by the many problems or issues of a country. On the other hand, new tourist attractions emerge constantly. As a tourist lure, prostitution has uplifted the economies of many nations. Ecotourism, the search for nature in the raw, may well become the prime tourist spot. The Republic of the Philippines is located in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Borneo and South of Taiwan. The island group has a total area slightly smaller than that of the British Isles. Cansilao 2 The largest island is Luzon.

Tourist Spots in the Philippines Essay Example

In the northern part of this island are high mountains. Central Luzon is a wide plain, where rice and sugar cane are grown. Southern Luzon has may active volcanoes. One of the famous is Mount Mayon. History Philippine tourism flourished in the 1970’s and early 1980’s but declined in the mid 1980’s, with the average length of tourist stay falling from 12. 6 days in earlier years to 8. 9 days in 1988.

In 1987, tourism growth was slower in the Philippines than in other Southeast Asian countries. About 1. 2 million tourists visited the Philippines in 1992, which was recorded high in the number of tourist visits since 1989.

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