Tovuz-Baltiya Ltd

Which is the 2nd location in the world to have the perfect element to grow the best grapes and pomegranate for the wine production. They are the only one to produce a high quality pomegranate wine in Azerbaijan. Now the company is facing the competition from Russian , Georgian and European wine. Naigs Co “Tovuz-Baltiya” LTD produces various natural wine and cognac products: Wine collection: “Tovuz & A” ,”AzerNar”, “Tovuz & F”, “Tovuz V. C”. Azernar is 100% non-polluting high-quality pomegranate wine from an exotic fruit pomegranate, which growing only in territory of Azerbaijan .

Therefore our USP will e the health benefit of our AZERNAR Pomegranate wine. The wine is made of 150 % pure and natural pomegranate. And pomegranate is know to be rich in vitamins A,B,C ,iron, cilium and antiorydouts. It has 3 times more antiorydants than grape wine. The weaknesses of Azernar in I-JK market are Azerbaijan’s wine do not have any references in the I-JK wine market ,the brand will face a strong competition from the major Uk wine players and it is rather a new wine flavour that wine consumers are just discovering. According to research conducted by University of California pomegranate consume daily over long period time .

As I-JK has a very high alcohol consumption , it will be a great opportunities for the I-JK wine consumer enjoy alcohol responsibly and get health benefit at the same time. The company already sell its. AZERNAR is wine in USA at $ 6. 20. In 2009 alcoholic drink in Azerbaijan recorded healthy volume growth a high inflation rate . Local wine and brandy experienced a considerable boom. Georgian wines also gained popularity at the end of review period. Being a Muslim country, Azerbaijan is still quite tolerant towards consumption of alcoholic drink, with volume sales dropping slightly only during the hole month of Ramadan.

Local and imported wine producer achieved a considerable breakthrough. Alongside the huge inflow of new local brands, Georgian wines became increasingly popular. At the end of review period , wine encountered intense competition between the huge number of local brands, brands imported from European countries , and Georgian wine brands. The volume share of supermarkets / hypermarkets in the distribution of alcoholic drinks continuously increased during the review period. Wine is increasingly purchased in supermarkets hypermarkets , while premium alcoholic drinks.

Over the forecast period ,alcoholic drinks in Azerbaijan will continue to develop. Brand expansion will be continuously observed. Local wine will grow rapidly and will remain the dominant alcoholic drinks. The I-JK wine market has continued to grow in the 2003, reaching an estimated value of 1 1. 25 bn pound in 2008 despite the declining economic conditions and general reached 25. 9% 2008.

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