Towards Abstraction

9 September 2017

In 1911, a new group of German creative persons began exhibiting their work to the populace. Der Blaue Reiter was to go the high point of German Expressionism, but it besides opened the manner towards abstraction with its base for free experimentation and originality. It is Wassily Kandinsky, the most influential member of the group, who is most frequently credited with the differentiation of painting the first “ abstract ” image, in 1910.

Der Blaue Reiter ( The Blue Rider ) was formed in 1911 and succeeded the first Expressionist motion, Die Br & # 1100 ; cke, which dissolved in 1913. The group included Franz Marc ( 1880-1916 ) , Wassily Kandinsky ( 1866-1944 ) , and August Macke ( 1887-1914 ) , and celebrated the art of kids and primitives, but had no precise artistic programme. The most active advocate of this basically romantic and instead religious position of art was Franz Marc, a immature creative person who was killed in World War I. Marc saw animate beings as the betrayed but uncontaminated defenders of what was left of artlessness and good nature.

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Like August Macke, Marc chose to show these feelings with emphasized,

symbolic colourss. He painted animate beings with a deeply traveling love: a love for what they represented and could still see, unlike humanity. Deer in the Forest II ( 1913-14, 110.5 ten 100.5 centimeter ( 43 1/2 ten 39 2/3 in ) ) is made up of a dense web of forms and lines that border on the abstract. Together they create a wood of experience through which we can see, as if emerging from the underbrush, the little signifiers of the cervid. The animate beings are absolutely at peace, at place in the wood of the universe. It is a conventionalized and aglow vision of a species that can populate without the cholers of the self-importance.

August Macke, who was besides to be killed in the coming war, was another creative person with a gentle, poetic disposition. He took a simple delectation in the joys common to us all, which makes his mindless devastation particularly painful. Woman in a Green Jacket ( 1913, 44 ten 43.5 centimeter ( 17 1/3 ten 17 in ) ) floats onto the canvas, blissfully detached and Pacific. Of the group, he was the most sensitive to organize and colour, and the chromaticities in this image enlighten gently within strong forms to make sensuous countries of visible radiation.

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