Town and Milton Fl.

9 September 2016

Physical system Human system Convince someone to move to a U. S. city of your choice, by describing the location using terms from the lesson. Be sure to include the name of the city and state you are writing about and make your response at least one paragraph in length. Part-1 1. Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts-3,349 miles 2. St. Louis to Ft. Clatsop near the Pacific Ocean-1,400 miles 3. Omaha to San Francisco-1,430 miles

Part-2 If I had to describe the town I live in I would describe it as a little ole farm town that neighbors with a more city oriented town to the West, then two more farm towns to the North of them, and one to the East, and finally some more city oriented/beach style areas to the South. The relative location for Milton Fl. would have to be Baker Fl. they share the same type of features and style of people. Milton Fl. s a place of farm land, rivers, stream, creeks, and little restaurants in the city limits. Milton and its surrounding towns and cities share a common region of the language, characteristics, climate, and culture. Our human system is filled with all sorts of people with different characteristics and they all work in a unity to supply, fix, and protect our area. They would be trades workers like roofers, mechanics, drivers, farmers. People like our firemen and women, police, and emergency services.

Town and Milton Fl. Essay Example

Part-3 I think if you are a city person then Milton is not the area for you but if you like the country with rivers in your back yard and a gator on the other bank than this is the area for you. Milton is a fun filled city but it is also filled with hard working families and animals as well. Overall Milton will be my resting place for new comers just spend some time on our river banks and farm fields and you will not want to leave.

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