Towson University Application Essay

2 February 2019

I am involved in a large variety of extracurricular activities as well as several out of school organizations. I have been the most involved in my school’s marching band, having been a member for the past four years. In both 11th and 12th grades, I was selected to be section leader for the flute section. I have been a show choir for all four years as well. In 11th grade I was selected to be one of two soprano section leaders, and I auditioned last spring to be one of the three student choreographers. I am currently choreographing songs in preparation for show choir in the spring. I have been a member of my school’s auditioned Chamber Ensemble since 10th grade. This is a small group of talented singers who are able to learn music at a faster pace than a normal choir. I have been on the cast for my school’s spring musical for the past three years, and I will hopefull be participating for a fourth year this spring. Lastly, I have been an All-County member since 10th grade.

My academic extracurriculars include a large number of various honors societies. Being the most active in the National Honors Society, after being inducted in 11th grade, I was elected to be Secretary for this school year. I’m also the vice president for the Tri-M Music Honors Society, having been a member for three years. This year I applied and was admitted into the National Science Honors Society, the National Mathematics Honors Society, and the National English Honors Society. I wanted to become more academically involved in school this year rather than doing all music related extracurricular activites, and I feel as if I have a nice balance of academic clubs and extracurricular activities.

Outside of school I do various community service, work, and activities. I am currently employed at a restaurant in Frederick, as a Hostess. I have been employed there since June of 2010. I am very involved in community service, especially with my church. Every summer since 7th grade I have volunteered to be a group leader at my church’s Vacation Bible School. In both 11th and 12th grade, I have been a peer minister for the confirmation class and the high school religious education class. In 11th grade I was an assistant Sunday School teacher for 1st graders, and this year I am the head teaching in a Kindergarten class. I am also still involved with Girl Scouts, even though I am no longer a member myself. The past two summers, I’ve been a program aide, or a teen leader, for groups of girls. Lastly, this is my sixth and final year being a member of the Youth Orchestra, having recieved Principal Flautist this year.

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