Trade in Western Civilization

11 November 2016

Route was very important to eastern civilization. This route which was full of mountains went through countries from Afghanistan to current day Iraq. This ,000 mile Silk Road transported cargos of tin, which was a vital ingredient to making bronze. Another important trade route was the Assyrian Trade Road. This connected Anatolia to Mesopotamia. This had creation from Assyrian merchants, which was the success to this path. The Mediterranean and Black Sea was one of the most known sea routes. It set out from China and would go through Turkistan, Iran, and Iraq. From there, it would go on another ship to reach Constantinople. This trade route is what makes Constantinople the greatest commercial center. Important inventions were learned in the Western Civilization.

The economy focused on metal work, textiles, and construction. The production of alum was learned, which was a significant dye used for wool. The wheel was invented by the Sumerians and was used for carts, chariots, and pottery making. Iron was smelted for the first time in 2500BCE. This iron allowed weapons and body protection for the men. These were huge creations for the time era. Due to this technology, many men and women were able to get jobs, which built a better economic system. Jobs include pottery makers, stone cutters, metal smiths, farmers, fishers, sailors, and construction work.

Items being exported were in high demands. On land, men traveled on camels, because they would provide a smooth ride and were able to carry heavy weights. The camels supplied water for the men so they could last on long trips. Land provided a way for mail and important government papers to be exchanged. Also, Islamic traders used an informal way to transfer money. They deposited money into one area. The technique to this was if robbery were intrigued, the money would not be present. This method is still used today in the Middle East. The main exports in Western Civilization included soap, orses, livestock, produce (grains, apricots, etc), textiles, dried wheat, Alum, wool, different kinds of metal, slaves, spices, and silk. The Western Civilization was a period in time in which many new creations were introduced. Trade had helped the economic systems, and taught communities of different tools and food. Trade is still used today in the Middle East, and probably will continue due to the success it has had from centuries back. It had a huge impact on Western cultures, and today’s society will continue to discover inventions created when trade was active.

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