TraditionA Rose For Emily The Lottery Essay

Tradition ( A Rose For Emily, The Lottery Essay, Research Paper


Peoples throughout the universe do things for many different grounds. Religion, equal force per unit area, or tradition are some of the grounds the people do things. In the U.S. we have many traditions such as Christmas. Some people have strange or out of the ordinary traditions. The two short narratives? The Lottery? and? A Rose for Emily? both portray tradition.

In? The Lottery? , tradition is showed in three chief ways. First, Old Man Warner says, ? there has ever been a lottery ( Jackson 11 ) . ? The town people accept The Lottery because there has ever been a lottery. The older people in the town such as Old Man Warner maintain the tradition alive with their ideals. Second, The Lottery is held every twelvemonth. Tradition is upheld in this manner because it introduces the younger coevals to the tradition. This shows that the lottery is a tradition because traditions happen over and over once more. Last, tradition is shown with the parifanilia used in the narrative of? The Lottery? . The black box used to pull names is a extra of the original. The black box is a symbol of what was in the old ages past.

In? A Rose for Emily? , tradition is besides shown in three chief ways. First, Emily does non acquire courted by anyone. This would non look to be a normal tradition but in the narrative her male parent did non desire Emily to go involved with anyone. Emily? s male parent was non following tradition when making this because normal tradition would be to let Emily to go involved with person. Second, ? A Rose for Emily? shows tradition in the manner the townsfolk treated Miss. Emily. Tradition is shown when the older coevals of people put lime down alternatively of carbon monoxide

nfronting Emily with the odor. The seniors of the town besides allowed Emily to travel without paying revenue enhancements after she told them she did non hold to pay them. Finally, tradition is shown with Emily cutting her hair. Emily cut her hair after her male parent died ( Faulkner? ) . This shows some tradition because adult females in that clip and topographic point of society do non cut their hair unless they want to demo something. Emily was demoing she had gotten over her male parent? s decease and ready to travel on with her life.

? The Lottery? and? A Rose for Emily? both show tradition in the same ways. First, both narratives have adult females as the chief characters as the 1s demoing tradition. Miss. Emily was the adult female in? A Rose for Emily? that showed tradition. Tessie was the adult female in? The Lottery? that showed tradition in the narrative. Second, in both narratives the seniors had the strongest tradition. In the narrative? A Rose for Emily? the older coevals are the 1s that respected Emily and allow her acquire away with many things such as the revenue enhancements. In? The Lottery? old adult male Warner was the individual maintaining? The Lottery? alive with his ideals and his function in? The Lottery? throughout the old ages. Finally, in both narratives the tradition changed a small. In? A Rose for Emily? the younger coevals was altering the tradition in the manner they treat the senior, august named people. In? The Lottery? the rites and expressions that have been taken out of the docket of? The Lottery? changed the tradition.

The short narratives? A Rose for Emily? and? The Lottery? both have their ain ways of demoing tradition. ? A Rose for Emily? had three chief ways of demoing tradition, ? The Lottery? had three chief ways of demoing tradition besides, and both narratives have some of the same constructs of traditions.

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