Traditional Gender Roles

Cara Luna Professor Devers 0ctober 16, 2012 Discussion Assignment #2 For my Traditional Gender Roles assignment I chose the television show “Modern Family”. In this TV show, “Claire” plays the typical wife. She is a stay-at-home mom with three kids; she cooks the family dinner, takes the kids to school and other functions, and is always busy and frantic. She is also very fit and beautiful. This is very much what is considered the traditional female role.

Her husband, “Phil” somewhat plays a traditional male gender role, but because of my own interpretations of his character, I choose Claire’s dad, “Jay”, to use as a proper example of a male traditional gender role. Jay is married to a much younger woman. Jay loves golfing, football, and drinking. He seems to rarely do housework, or take on the responsibilities of raising their son, “Manny”. His character symbolizes a traditional American man. As for non-traditional female gender behavior, I would choose Claire’s brother and partner, “Mitchell” and “Cameron”. Cameron has a very soft, high-pitched voice.

He uses hand motions as he talks as if he were a woman. He takes care of “Lily” their adopted Vietnamese daughter, and his partner Mitch goes to work. Cameron likes acting, theatre, baking, and party planning. He also has a very unusual choice of clothing style. For a non-traditional female gender role I will have to go outside the realm of this show and jump to female body builders. Kim Chizevsky is considered to be one of the world’s greatest female body builders. With such a large, defined masculine physique, Kim demonstrates what a non-traditional female gender role looks like.

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