Traditional vs Modern Architecture

Our world today has drastically changed from back in the 20th century, all sorts of machinery with the help of technology have been invented to make work easier for human beings, however traditional ways of carrying out tasks are fading and very few parts of it have been preserved. Architecture has been broken down into many categories to fit the lifestyle of people in a particular place at a particular time. The two main ways of recognising these are; Modern architecture and traditional architecture.Modern architecture is known as the movement of architecture that began in the 20th century, it is also architecture that is characterised by the simplification of forms and subtraction of ornaments, modern architecture can be some of the most futuristic, colourful, innovative designs ever. Modern architecture these days there are so many materials that architects can use to create different effects on buildings.On the other hand traditional architecture are mainly classified as historical buildings that have a lot of character and culture incorporated into them and artists were commissioned to put some colour into the building giving each one an individual stamp.

Can modern and traditional architecture coexist? In today’s world anything is possible for example Instead of painting beautiful designs on the wall, one can just use wall paper instead which can be replaced or removed at anytime.The thin line between modern architecture and traditional architecture is that Modern architecture explores mainly with the interior features whereas traditional architecture is mainly worked on the exterior features (Campbell, 2011). Therefore modern architecture and traditional are definitely able to coexist. Just as every living organism evolves from specie to specie, similarly architecture has evolved over the years from traditional architecture to modern architecture.Modern Architecture and traditional architecture are one in the same, in that traditional architecture was at one point modern and what is modern will eventually become traditional. Like Vladi Manolov said “Cathedral La Sagrada Familia is not being developed according to a complete architecture plan. The architect of the cathedral Antoni Gaudi rather changed his vision for the cathedral as it was being built” (2010).

Designs will evolve and always change whether it is over centuries or days. What today is known as modern architecture such as tall buildings in the future will be known as traditional architecture as it will not be a design of the new era and the generation then will have discovered a new concept and that will be labelled modern architecture. It’s the concept of transformation that has been applied where designs have been simplified and work has been made easier.Modern architecture has developed from traditional architecture; however architecture has been through many time frames between being called traditional architecture to it being known as modern architecture. The phase architecture has gone through has drained out its best parts and thus modern architecture is plain and made of simple forms and shapes. Traditional architecture is more appreciated as traditional buildings are known to be stronger than modern architecture, as they have lasted a series of centuries and decades.The beauty that lies in traditional architecture is unique.

Even though modern architecture has its own style and form of design however it is much simpler than most of the traditional designed buildings. Traditional architecture was carefully detailed, from its masonry to its detailed designed carvings and paintings; all of this was handmade and took time and alot of effort to put together. Whereas modern architecture has many look alike buildings, some of the tall buildings around look very similar to each other and the sense of uniqueness no longer exist.Even in this day and age traditional architecture is appreciated to an extent that architects incorporate traditional designs with modern architecture as in article read it says “Although today there are so many modern building in Japan, but the traditional building is still exist and it has great power to make so many people keep build the same traditional architecture and even some people try to mix it with the modern design because they adore the traditional design. ” (The beauty of traditional architecture in Japan, 2011).The beauty of traditional architecture is very much appreciated especially by religious groups thus they prefer detailed designs for religious buildings such as mosques, churches, temples. For example The Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple in Nairobi, Kenya, It has a modern feel to it and the use of the materials for the construction of the building give it a modern look yet the carvings and patterns engraved on it shows how traditional the building is.

Modern architecture buildings exhaust the natural resources to make suitable construction materials leading to “scarcening” resources, increasing the xpenses of a building and it has a negative impact on the ecosystem. Whereas traditional architecture would use minimal natural resources as derived from the source, which makes it environmental friendly. Before the great need of the use of technology, architecture buildings were made up of stone, bricks, mortar, and other local building materials, along with natural lighting and air conditioning facilities. This had a near-zero impact on the environment. “But, post 1850, technology crept into architecture building design and disrupted the ecological balance. ” (BluEnt, 2003-2011).Modern architecture buildings make use of huge amounts of steel, concrete, glass, and other synthetic building materials which have negative impacts on the eco-system and are costly.

Modern architecture buildings also consume huge amounts of electricity, water, and other natural resources making it scarce and expensive. Thereby, the construction industry during the 20th century has been a significant contributor to global warming and climate change. In my opinion architecture in the past was very different from the present modern architecture, there has been a vast change in designs and the use of technology has superseded workmanship.The need for traditional architecture to be practised is essential so as to bring out variety moreover the mixture of both modern and traditional architecture would be a good combination as it would explore certain parts of architecture that have probably up to this day not been discovered yet it could cause a clash of the two types and bring out styles that would not be appreciated. Traditional architecture however is cheaper and easily accessible compared to modern architecture which takes quiet a long period of time planning and constructing.Moreover traditional architecture is environmental friendly and a pocket saver thus the concept of green architecture has been invented to bring out about the new modern trend with a touch of traditional aspects for sustainability. Traditional and modern architecture are already in co-existence with green architecture as an example, therefore modern and traditional architecture in this day and age must coexist to reduces the negative impacts on the world and instead to bring about a pleasant sustainable environment.

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