Traditions & Customs of Great Britain

Traditions & A ; Customs of Great Britain.

Every state and every state has its ain imposts and traditions. In Britian traditions play more importaint portion in the life of the people than in some other states. Englishmans are proud of their traditions and carefully maintain them up. It has been the jurisprudence for about three hundred old ages that all the theaters are closed on Sundays no letters are delivered merely a few Sunday documents are publshed. To this twenty-four hours English households prefer cotage houses with gardens to flats in a modern house with cardinal heeting. English people like gardens. Sometimes the garden in forepart of the house is a small square covered with cement painted green ( in imitation of grass ) and a box of flowers. In English houses the fire-place has ever been the Centre of involvement in a room. For many months of the twelvemonth people like to sit round the fire and watch the dance fires. Fire topographic points are decorated with woodworks, there is a picture or a mirror over it. Above the fire there is normally a shelf with a clock and some exposure. Holydays are particularly rich in old traditions and are different in cotland, Wales and England. Christmas is

a great English national holyday and in Scotland it is non kept at all exeept by clerks in Bankss, all the stores and mills are working. But 6 yearss subsequently on the New Year ‘s Eve the Scots Begin to bask themselves. Peoples invite their friends to their houses and sit the old twelvemonth out and the new twelvemonth in. In England on new Year ‘s Eve a batch of people go to Trafalgar Square, at midnight, they all cross their weaponries fall in custodies and sing. Peoples have parties excessively, they drink toarts to the New Year Children are happy to hold nowadayss.

Four times a twelvemonth the offices and Bankss in Britain are closed on Monday. These public vacations are known as Bank Holidays. The British like to pass vacations out of the town in the unfastened air. They go to the sea-side or to amusements Parkss. Londoners frequently visit the Zoo, outside London they take their households to Hamsted Heath [ ‘h & # 1085 ; mstid’hi @ ] a big natural park excessively. There is normally a large carnival with many different amusements for kids merry-go-round, swings marionette shows, bright baloons.

One must besides talk about such vacations ass All Fools Day, Hallowe’en Bonfire Night, St. Valentines Day and such tradition as Eisteddfod ( a festival of which civilization ) .

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