Tragedies By Sophocles and Shakespeare

4 April 2015
An essay on how tragic characters deal with death as seen by Sophocles and Shakespeare.

In this paper the author examines the tragedies of Antigone and Hamlet. The characters of Antigone and Hamlet are tragic figures who meet their fates while trying to right or avenge a wrong committed against a dead loved one. The author examines the many traits they have in common and the important differences which influence how the reader responds to them emotionally.

From the paper:

“In Greece two brothers, one a hero, the other a traitor, meet on the field of battle. Both fall. The hero receives a funeral with full honors. The traitor is left to rot where he died. When the king forbids his burial under penalty of death, the traitor’s courageous sister forfeits her life to perform the proper rites. ”

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