Tragedy vs Comedy

6 June 2017

With their entertaining plots, Shakespeare’s comedies keep people laughing the whole time. This is shown in his play Taming of the Shrew when Kate breaks the lute ver Hortensio’s head (Tam. . 1. 142-167). This shows that Hortensio is a horrible teacher and Kate has a nasty temper that Is entertaining to the audience. This Is Important because It contributes to the plot and makes the comedy even funnier. Another entertaining part is when Petruchio first meets Kate and tells her that they are going to be married on Sunday she says “I’ll see thee hanged on Sunday first. ” (Tam. 2. 1. 182-317). This is hilarious because Kate Is refusing to marry Petruchlo. It also shows that Petruchio is teasing Kate and saying that she wants him too.

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While many people like plays with an entertaining plot line, some may enjoy tragedies that somber and not as entertaining. This is shown in Shakespeare’s play, Othello, when Othello is angry with his wife Desdemona, then calls her “Devil! ” and strikes her (Othello. 4. 1. 224-251). With a tragedy ending with a characters downfall, It does not do a good job of having an entertaining plot as a comedy does. As a result, comedies are more effective in this way. Even with an entertaining plot, a comedy would be nothing without humorous characters too.

Shakespeare’s comedies have many humorous characters one of them being Petruchlo who Is trying to kill Kate with kindness by yelling at his own servants by calling them “loggerheaded and unpolished grooms” and “knaves” (Tam. 4. 1. 114-172). This shows how humorous Petruchio is because he isn’t the person who usually has the temper, Kate usually has the temper. Petruchio is hoping to rid Kate of her temper by having one also. Another humorous character is Grumlo, Petruchlo’s servant. This is shown when Kate comes looking for food and Grumio teases her with ood but doesnt let her have any (Tam. . 3. 1-31)

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