Training and Housekeeping Department

10 October 2016

Her required time was divided into 2 departments, 120 hours in the Banquet Department, 150hours in the Housekeeping Department. Banquet Department On the first day of the trainee in the Banquet Department, He was oriented by its house rules and the do’s and don’ts. It is located at the second floor or the mezzanine. The Banquet Area is mostly busy because small number of function is being held there like birthdays, meetings, press conference, bridal showers, bachelor’s party, direct selling, seminars and many more.

There are 7 function rooms. It is for the convenient of the guests for the additional space. Usually, after a function the trainee was tasked to set up the function He was very happy and excited. Housekeeping Department In the housekeeping Department there are 1 linen room, 2 RA (room attendant) station for immediate service of the guests in each floor. In each floor there are 32 rooms RA’s were assign in 3 shifts.

CCTV cameras are of each corner of the hotel which at first I find it uneasy but then I realize it is for the safety of the guests as well as the workers of the establishment. Specific Task Done The 270 hours rendered at the Dynasty Court Hotel in 2 different departments banquet and housekeeping In the banquet department I have done set up a different functions, wipes all the utensils without being told by the supervisor, attains guests direct needs.

In the housekeeping department set up the bed, clean the bathroom, vacuum the rooms sweep the hallway and water the plants. Challenges in the Work Place The challenges in the workplace I must say that I have no complaints or any problems for getting with the co-trainees as well as regular employees. There easy to be with encouraging you to do your best, whatever comes to your mind when it’s for the best they will allow you. The trainee really challenge on the trust given by the employee because as a trainee you have limited movements for there might be problems may occur.

All the supervisors are very down to earth as well as the whole employee on the establishment, they are kind-hearted people and that is the reason why the trainee learned a lot from them and enjoys being a trainee. Techniques or New Skills Attained With the 270 hours being spent by the trainee at the Dynasty Court Hotel,he developed and enhances the following skills: * Interpersonal skills like cooperation and rapport with the employees and co- trainees; * Self discipline ; * Guest servicing ; Mastered in housekeeping task like bed setting and answering phone calls; * Set-up a function rooms for seminars, birthdays, bridal shower and meetings Difficulties Encountered There are problems that the trainee encountered during her on the job training. * He had a less exposure to the plating the foods before it well be serve to the guest. Learning Insights Being in the workplace is not a simple thing, which is one of the hearsays we can hear from those people have a job. It is not easy hence we need to consider many things.

The On the job training takes place in a regular working condition using actual tools, equipments, materials that are trainees will use when fully trained. This type of learning has proven its effectiveness in inculcating concepts and ideas. Comments Thank you so much to the Dynasty Family, to my fellow co-OJT’s, cyril,jake,ken,kenneth,honey,queene,josette,joy,jacky,cherry,nyre, Employee’s’ kuya jan erick,kuya lemwel, kuya jetlee, kuya Gleen, kuya carlo, kuya math, and to the supervisor’s Capt. Allan, Capt. Ademar Capt. Nestor and Sir Joguar!

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