Gives employees the flexibility to decide on when they wish to participate in training without being constrained by the time factor. Training can begin at any point throughout the year, at any time during the day, and from any location, without decreasing the human resource capacity of the organization.

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Advantages and disadvantages of nine mediated instructional approaches

Books & Journals – Books and journals are probably the most commonly used materials. Their use is not only an instructional approach in itself but books and journals can be used in tandem with other approaches to provide background and theoretical information.

Written tutorials – A written tutorial is where the instructions to complete a task are written down in a step-by-step format so that the learner directs him/herself through the steps independently. Not only may the learner have difficulty keeping attention on materials but the steps have to be very clear and easy to follow because there is usually no one there to ask to clarify instructions.

Audiotapes and videotapes – This type of material caters more for visual and auditory learners. They can be used for multiple purposes and once they are attractive and appropriately chosen, will make learning fun and meaningful.

Computer-assisted instruction – These programs are very popular nowadays so they may be getting less costly and easier to develop.  With the use of computers so widespread now this approach is sure to be attractive to the learners who are using a technology they are familiar with to acquire knowledge and new skills.

Computer-managed instruction – This is where the computer takes on the role of the instructor. The computer regulates learning by guiding the learner through instructor, evaluating performance and recording progress. However the role of the instructor is not eliminated. He has to ensure that appropriate tasks are selected and oversee the overall progress of learners.

Multimedia – As the name multimedia suggests, this approach is a combination of different instructional medium such as audio, photos, video, text and others. This approach therefore incorporates multiple technologies into thelearning environment.

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Performance support systems – This involves the provision of tools and resources to learners in helping them complete a specific task whenever this assistance is needed. Learners therefore get the help they need to be able to perform challenging on-the-job tasks.

Web-based learning (group-ware tool) –Groupware tools facilitate communication and cooperation between and among groups of learners and their instructor. The simplest tool is email. With the newer web-based tools that are being developed learners in different environments can keep in touch and work together on tasks from different location.

Web-based learning (complete solution) – This approach incorporates the use of modern technologies to achieving learning outcomes. It combines multimedia and other interactive software to facilitate learning via the web. The instructor is still essential in this approach but facilitating is done at a distance from the learners.

Collaborative and group support is provided and multiple types of other supportive materials are used. This type of learning has increased incrementally over the past few years with the expansion of the internet and computer technologies and more and more persons are choosing to learn online rather than attend traditional classes.

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