Training Plan

9 September 2016

To Involve Employers Besides other strategies we have planed two concrete activities to better involve employers. These are: 1. Delivery of Training By this plan, the employer will be involved in conducting the training as per their provided schedule during training session. To the extent possible, the training should be presented so that its organization and meaning are clear to the trainees.

To do so, employers will: (1) provide overviews of the material to be learned; (2) relate, wherever possible, the new information or skills to the trainee’s goals, interests, or experience; and (3) reinforce what the trainees learned by summarizing the program’s objectives and the key points of information covered. These steps will assist employers in presenting the training in a clear, unambiguous manner. In addition to organizing the content, employers will develop the structure and format of the training.

Training Plan Essay Example

The content developed for the program, the nature of the workplace or other training site, and the resources available for training will help employers determine for themselves the frequency of training activities, the length of the sessions, the instructional techniques, and the individual(s) best qualified to present the information. By motivation to pay attention and learn the material that the employer is presenting, trainees will be convinced of the importance and relevance of the material.

Among the ways of developing motivation are: (1) explaining the goals and objectives of instruction; (2) relating the training to the interests, skills, and experiences of the trainees; (3) outlining the main points to be presented during the training session(s); and (4) pointing out the benefits of training (e. g. , the trainee will be better informed, more skilled, and thus more valuable both on the job and on the labor market; or the trainee will, if he or she applies the skills and knowledge learned, be able to work at reduced risk).

An effective training program allows students to participate in the training process and to practice their skills or knowledge. This will help to ensure that they are learning the required knowledge or skills and permit correction if necessary. Students can become involved in the training process by participating in discussions, asking questions, contributing their knowledge and expertise, learning through hands-on experiences, and through role-playing exercises. 2. Evaluating Program Effectiveness Monitoring and Reporting

By this plan employers will be involved to make sure that the training program is accomplishing its goals, an evaluation of the training can be valuable. Training should have, as one of its critical components, a method of measuring the effectiveness of the training with monitoring and reporting. A plan for monitoring and reporting the training session(s), either written or thought-out by the employer is developed after the course objectives and content developed. It will not be delayed until the training has been completed.

Evaluation will help employers determine the amount of learning achieved and whether trainee’s performance has improved on the job. Among the methods of evaluating training are: (1) Student opinion. Questionnaires or informal discussions with trainees can help employers determine the relevance and appropriateness of the training program; (2) Employers’ observations. Employers are in good positions to observe trainee’s performance both before and after the training and note improvements or changes; and (3) Workplace improvements.

The ultimate success of a training program may be changes throughout the workplace that result in reduced injury, accident rates and many other relevant factors. However it is conducted, monitoring and reporting of training can give employers the information necessary to decide whether or not the trainees achieved the desired results, and whether the training session should be offered again at some future date.

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