Tranquility Base Hotel ; Casino by Arctic Monkeys

12 December 2019

Alex, Matt, Nick, and Jamie, better known as the Arctic Monkeys are back, and more sensual than ever. With their newly released, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. —5 years after the release of the critically acclaimed AM — There has been tons of skepticism and negative backlash from so called “fans,” since the Monkeys decided to change their sound once more; Yet, how bad can the albums top three popular songs be?
The album begins with the slow tempoed, “Star Treatment,” in which Alex recounts his experience from rags to riches: the explosion of the Arctic Monkeys: and the drunken serenades Turner seems to be giving out.The five minute and forty second second song remains very repetitive, thus giving it a monotonous vibe, something in which I myself am not a fan of. This definitely is the worst at out of the three, and deserves no treatment whatsoever. ZING
The next track on the album would be “One Point Perspective:” Which starts with a adagio piano part, which of the bat, sets the mood and keeps that mood throughout the whole song. To me, the song seems to go in no specific direction (unless there’s some lyrical complexity that I can’t decipher). Turner himself lets the listeners know to, “Bear with me, man , I lost my train of thought.” Instrumental wise, all the crisp, and subtle guitar fills add both the whip cream and cherry on top to this song, which really gave it that Arctic Monkey touch. This one definitely, though good, only gets the second place spot on my list.
And the winner is “The Ultracheese;” Which has all of the beauitful components that proves that the Arctic Monkeys really are the revolutionary boys from sheffield. It also has all the components that make this song the most distinct as well. Instead of the all too common piano intros that we get so familiar with, Matt Helders, the drum player, starts us off with a cool and collected rock beat, with just the appropriote amount of fills to get the listeners bodies swinging to the beat. Soon after, Turner’s voice fills the room, and starts you off with “Still got pictures of friends on the wallI suppose we aren’t really friends anymore, Maybe I shouldn’t ever have called That thing friendly at all.” With lyrics that will definitely leave you crying over the one who got away.
This specific song, very much highlights his abilities to go both alto, and tenor. With accompanying Helders bass drum kicks, the sound will go in through one ear and not want to come out the other, an almost heavenly and beautiful sound. Then right around the middle of the song when Turner changes pitch, it gives you that final punch of breaking down either crying or in love.
All in all, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is definitely a different feel than AM, or Favourite Worst Nightmare (arguably one of their better albums) And truth be told, it’s not a bad thing. The Arctic Monkeys reinvented the indie rock wheel once again: and this time they went full on 70’s. It’s pretty obvious why this album has made it on the billabongs top 100’s, and will be remembered until they release yet another hit album.

Tranquility Base Hotel ; Casino by Arctic Monkeys Essay Example

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