Transitions both expected and unexpected from birth

8 August 2016

This tables explains the different types of transitions both expected and unexpected from birth to 19 years old and how they affect the development or behaviour and having a positive relationship can effect them. Transition Effect on Children and Young People of having positive adult relationships during periods of transition Babies Weaning Crawling to Walking Nappies to Toilet When weaning the adult can help the child by using a calm and soothing voice, a lot of reassurance both visual and vocal. Always maintain eye contact and good facial expressions. Always allow plenty of time when feeding.

This will encourage the child to try new textures (food). Never force a child eats as this will have a very negative effect. The transition from crawling to walking is a developmental milestone; it enables the child to view the world around them for an up right position. They can reach items that use to be out of their reach and can move with increasing speed.

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During this transition an adult will ensure the children can explore their environment safely, encourage them with a positive attitude. All children reach development milestones at different times in their life.

Some children are later at bladder control then others, until a child can recognise the signs of needing the toilet there is no point in starting toilet training. As a supportive adult you can reassure a child that accidents happen and that everything is ok. Children Start Nursery Start School Move through Key Stages When a decision is made for a child to attend nursery, the parent can arrange visits where they can stay with the child, so that the child becomes familiar with the setting. Constant reassurance that everything is alright, will allow the child to feel safe in the environment.

Leaving the child for a short period of time during a visit will reinforce the fact that you are returning and not leaving them there for ever. When a child reach’s school age and the parent have decided which school the child will attend visits are arranged with the school to introduce the child to the environment and staff. Playground visit are a good way for the children to interact with one other and they can start to make friends and bond with their peers. Parents are encouraged to take their children into the classroom and help them with hanging up coats etc.this gives the child an extra bit of reassurance when entering the school. When a child is due to move into a different year group, any adult involved with the children can make themselves known to the child. This can be done by class visits, which encourage the child to learn the new layout of their class room and get to know the staff with in that class room. Young People Puberty College / University Leave Home Start Work When a child goes through puberty their emotions are running very high. Giving the child reassurances about what is happening to them and that it is normal.

Helping a young person to choose the right college for them is very important, attending visits to the university, helping with any form filling and settling into university life is the best role an adult can take in this transitions When the time comes for a child to leave home the adults can again be reassuring that they will always be there for advice or help when needed. It can be very over whelming when it comes to starting work, explaining to the young person about the way that the business world works can help with how they deal with work situations that they haven’t encountered before. Adults

Married Separation / Divorce Children Change of Job Death With all these situations in adult life keeping the lines of communication open and reassurances will have a positive effect. Unexpected Transitions Arrival of new sibling Change of school Moving home Violence or abuse Parents Divorcing Illness, Accident, Death Whether these situations are happening to a child or young person, an adult can explaining what is going on and what is happening. Allowing the child to talk and listening to them, giving them reassurances and keeping all lines of communication open will have a positive effect on the child.

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