Transnational corporation – Starbucks

6 June 2016

Overall, I believe that Starbucks appears to be a “good” company as a whole because it has flourished & worked hard to make the name well known around the world, continued to generate billions of dollars in different categories from revenues to operating income whilst still helping out various communities in the local and global public.

Another reason why I would consider Starbucks as a “good” company would be that they do help and support the communities that provide their teas, coffees and cocoa for their businesses. Certainly, unlike some companies, Starbucks has taken into condition the many reported scandals and changed the way they do their work such as paying their employees the minimum wage, being environmentally friendly with water and their cups, opening stores with permission and lastly telling the public that they are a non-political organization and do not support any individual political causes.

Transnational corporation – Starbucks Essay Example

To continue this further, to be able to be a billion dollar company, Starbucks has maintained great value for their beverages & food to keep many customers happy and still continuing to buy their product. Also, I believe that Starbucks is a “good” company because they support many charities that help youth in Canada and donate millions of dollars to good causes around the developing countries with the products they sell. The last reason why I think Starbucks is a “good” company is the way they are able to market their product and expand their company by acquiring a few subsidiary companies that are also doing well in the economy. Those are my reasons to why I believe Starbucks is a “good” company.

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