Travel agencies

Travel agency issues On one hand travel agencies can take a great advantage from the internet but on the other hand it is one of their biggest enemies. Because there are so many negative articles about a few travel agencies and people are losing their trust in them. So they are strat planning their own trip not using any agencies. So it is a really hard Job to build up a good image about their company especially when they are new in business.

The agency has to earn people trust, run a friendly image about themselves and one of the most important thing they have to search for reliable employees. And an other point to mention about the disadvantages of the internet is that customers can book directly from it. The reason is that ninety-nine per cent of the time making a reservation via the internet is cheaper. So hotel wouldn’t pay a travel agent upwards of 25 per cent commission, when they can Just sell their services and have more money from it. Tour operator issues Nowdays we are living in a “virtual” generation.

Especially the younger people, they communicate via the internet, having their smartphones and all the new technological stuff. They do not care much about reading, visiting museums and to get know other countries or cities historical past. That is a huge problem for tour operators because they can not organise a trip if people Just want to relax and do some spa all day. Tour operators are managed to introduce Australia to you, visit museums, special events, historical memories and so on. So they have get their attention again to make successful trips.

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