Travel agency report

8 August 2016

This internship report has been made to fulfill the course requirement. This report has been assigned to me by my advisor Md. Salam mia with a view to have an in depth understanding of the topic. I have worked in Northern air Ltd. As an intern and I have got vast opportunity to learn about the recruitment and selection process which is also the major concept of marketing. 1. 2 Object of the study It is the primary project on recruiting and selection process analysis of Northern air Ltd. The main objective of this report is to identify every segment of marketing procedure regarding to this company.

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General Objective: The core objective of working on this project adheres to identify the overall recruitment and selection process of Northern air & travel agency Ltd and obtain comprehensive knowledge to understand its underneath strategies. Specific Objectives: ?? Researching on the primary activities of recruitment process including of collection of applications, selecting the short listing, training and development etc. ?? Obtaining knowledge of the research and development program undertaken by the company to boost the quality and management of human resources occupied to improve the performance. ??

And finally, acquiring real scenario of the total value chain process and making analysis of deviation and required improvement accordingly to prolong the band image. 1. 3 Methodology The study was conducted using the participatory method as I was working as an intern in this company. To know the in-depth information, the topic was discussed with the expert professionals related to the company for several times and other related secondary information. Data Collection method: Data have been collected from two sources. These are as under: ?? Primary source ?? Secondary source The primary source of data includes the following:

• Face to face conversation with the project manager of Northern air Ltd and director of Northern air Working and handle some selection procedure. The secondary sources of data include as under: • Text book • Relevant web site links 1. 4 Limitation s nothing is perfect, I also faced some difficulties during preparing the report. However, I have tried to complete my report except that information. The limitations are as following: • I was sick during my internship • I get short time to prepare my report. • Sometime the management teams were not comfortable to give the information as they consider it as confidential 2. 1Travel agency

A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, and package tours. In addition to dealing with ordinary tourists most travel agencies have a separate department devoted to making travel arrangements for business travelers and some travel agencies specialize in commercial and business travel only. There are also travel agencies that serve as general sales agents for foreign travel companies, allowing them to have offices in countries other than where their headquarters are located.

2. 2 Origins The modern travel agency first appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Thomas Cook, in addition to developing the package tour, established a chain of agencies in the last quarter of the 19th century, in association with the Midland Railway. They not only sold their own tours to the public, but in addition, represented other tour companies. Other British pioneer travel agencies were Dean & Dawson, the Polytechnic Touring Association and the Co-operative Wholesale Society. The oldest travel agency in the United States is Brownell Travel; on July 4, 1887, Walter T.

Brownell led ten travelers on a European tour, setting sail from New York on the SS Devonia. Travel agencies became more commonplace with the development of commercial aviation, starting in the 1920s. Originally, travel agencies largely catered to middle and upper class customers, but the post-war boom in mass-market package holidays resulted in travel agencies on the main streets of most British towns, catering to a working-class clientele, looking for a convenient way to book overseas beach holidays. 2. 3 Operation A travel agency’s main function is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier.

Consequently, unlike other retail businesses, they do not keep a stock in hand. A package holiday or a ticket is not purchased from a supplier unless a customer requests that purchase. The holiday or ticket is supplied to them at a discount. The profit is therefore the difference between the advertised price which the customer pays and the discounted price at which it is supplied to the agent. This is known as the commission. In many countries, all individuals or companies that sell tickets are required to be licensed as a travel agent. In some countries, airlines have stopped giving commission to travel agencies.

Therefore, travel agencies are now forced to charge a percentage premium or a standard flat fee, per sale. However, some companies still give them a set percentage for selling their product. Major tour companies can afford to do this, because if they were to sell a thousand trips at a cheaper rate, they still come out better than if they sell a hundred trips at a higher rate. This process benefits both parties. It is also cheaper to offer commissions to travel agents rather than engage in advertising and distribution campaigns without using agents.

Other commercial operations are undertaken, especially by the larger chains. These can include the sale of in-house insurance, travel guide books and timetables, car rentals, and the services of an on-site Bureau de change, dealing in the most popular holiday currencies. A travel agent is supposed to offer impartial travel advice to the customer. However, this function almost disappeared with the mass-market package holiday and some agency chains seemed to develop a ‘holiday supermarket’ concept, in which customers choose their holiday from brochures on racks and then book it from a counter.

Again, a variety of social and economic changes have now contrived to bring this aspect to the fore once more, particularly with the advent of multiple, no-frills, low-cost airlines. 2. 4 Agency income Traditionally, the principal source of income of travel agencies was, and continues to be, commissions paid for bookings of car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, sightseeing tours, tour operators, etc. A fixed percentage of the main element of the price is paid to the agent as a commission. Commissions may vary depending on the type of product and the supplier. Commissions are not paid on the tax component of the price.

Travel agencies also receive a large variety of bonuses, benefits and other incentives from travel and tourism related companies as inducements for travel agents to promote their products. The customer is normally not made aware of how much the travel agent is earning in commissions and other benefits. Other sources of income may include the sale of insurance, travel guide books and timetables and money exchange. Since 1995, many airlines around the world and most airlines in the United States now do not pay any commission to travel agencies. In this case, an agency adds a service fee to the net price.

Reduced commissions started in 1995 in the United States: a cap of $50 on return trips and $25 on one way. [3] In 1999, European airlines began eliminating or reducing commissions, while Singapore Airlines did so in parts of Asia. In 2002, Delta Air Lines announced a zero-commission base for the U. S. and Canada; after a few months United Airlines, AmericanAirlines,ContinentalAirlines, NorthwestAirlines, US Airways and American Trans Air all followed suit. 2. 5 Types of travel agency Travel agents work in an industry that is very large with different categories and price points.

Travel agencies work to help clients by giving them the information and price to help them with travel decisions. They work for the client and are paid through commissions from a percentage of the ticket or package. On- line travel agencies have revolutionized the travel industry. Passengers are now free to book tickets without much help, and on-line travel agencies have become popular. Travelers also have the option of combining hotel and car rental for a discount price. Other on-line agencies use a bidding system where an offer can be made for the price of a seat.

This can be risky because the itinerary is not disclosed until the ticket has been purchased. Traditional travel agents now service specific clients and restrict themselves to specific areas of travel. They have become experts in certain regions and types of travel. These agencies may have contracts with certain corporation and take care of business and personal travel for the company and some of its clients. Some offer additional services such as help with renting corporate housing and other travel details. The agency relies on business travelers who travel frequently.

Other traditional agencies have strong ties with an expatriate community and sell tickets to specific countries and regions. Their clients travel back and forth to their country of origin. These agencies also offer travel related services such as help with obtaining passports and visa renewals. They specialize in international travel but also offer national travel services. Vacation agencies These agencies sell packages and focus their attention on tourism. They work closely with the hotels and have a lot of seasonal business. They understand the markets and can get the right property for specific clients needs.

They know which property would be friendly to spring break students and those who prefer quiet family vacationers. They sell all inclusive and non inclusive packages, and can also arrange tours for the client. Luxury Travel Agencies: These agencies are very client orientated. They are available to clients and are helpful when designing a package to meet specific needs. Destination weddings, spa vacations, diet vacations, cosmetic surgeries, and adventure tours are their areas of expertise. They have close relationships with their clients and are well connected within the areas they service.

They are pricier because they offer much more than the standard travel agency. Cruise: These travel agencies are knowledgeable about the cruise industry. Some will arrange individual cruises while others book groups, local, and international cruise. These agencies also offer party cruise where a group can book a cruise for one night or a weekend. All travel agents are regulated and operate under specific guidelines. Travel agents sell the service of other companies and as such are unable to make changes without the consent of the service provider.

They understand the travel industry and are extremely helpful whenever plans have to be changed or cancelled. 2. 6 Functions of Travel Agency The functions of TAAI depend upon the scope of activities it is invalid in and also size and the location. If the agency is large, the range of activities will be wider, it will have specialized department each having to perform different functions. Some of the major functions of a large travel agency may be classifies as follows. 1. Provision of Travel Information: – This is one of the primary functions of a retail travel agent.

From the point of view of the tourist and to the general public is to provide necessary information about to travel. This information is provided at a convenient location where the intending tourist may ask certain questions and seek clarification. This is the very specialize job and the person behind the counter should be a specialize having excellent knowledge of various travel alternative plans. It should be in a position to give up to date and accurate information regarding various services and general information about travel the presentation to the potential customer must be force full.

A good travel agent is something of personal counselor who knows all the details the travelers and also the needs and interest of the intending travel. Communication plays a key role in providing any kind of information. The person behind the counter should be able to communicate with the customer in his/her language. The knowledge of foreign languages in front desk in any organization in service industry. 2. Preparation of Itineraries: – A tourist journey is characterized by an itinerary using various means of transportation to link one destination with another.

Preparation of different types of itinerary is another important function of travel agencies. A travel agent gives advice to intending traveler on the various types of program which they may choose for their business or holiday travel. The study and realization itineraries call for a perfect organization as also knowledge of the desire of the client. 3. Liaison with provider of services: – Before any form of facilities is offer to the client by a travel agent contract have to be made with the providers of various services.

These include transport companies, hotels properties, the providers of surface transportation like car rental, coaches, and local transport for sightseeing and also for general services requirements. The work carried out under these heading is mostly done by the owners or the senior employee’s of agencies concerned. 4. Planning and Costing Tours: – This job is very interesting and at the same time very challenging. The job cost for a great deal of incentive and advance knowledge. 5. Ticketing: Selling tickets to clients using different modes of transportation like air, rail and sea is another function of travel agency.

It requires though knowledge of schedule, fare of various modes of transportation. 6. Provision of Foreign Currency: – To intending travelers is another specialized activity of travel agents. The knowledge of converting for currencies is an essential requirement for the staffing dealing with such responsibilities. 7. Insurance: – Both for personal and belonging is yet another important activity of travel agency. 3. 1 Archaeological Tourism products Bangladesh is a country considerably rich in archaeological wealth, especially of the medieval period both during the Muslim and pre-Muslim rules, though most of it is still unexplored and unknown.

The earlier history of Bangladesh reveals that Buddhism received royal patronage from some important ruling dynasties like the great Pala rulers the Chandras and the Deva Kings. Under their royal patronage numerous well-organized, self-contained monasteries sprang up all over the country. The major archaeological sites are described below: Paharpur: Paharpur is a small village 5 km. west of Jamalganj in the greater Rajshahi district where the remains of the most important and the largest known monastery south of the Himalayas has been excavated.

This 7th century archaeological find covers approximately an area of 27 acres of land. The entire establishment, occupying a quadrangular court; measuring more than 900 ft. externally on each side, has high enclosure-walls about 16 ft. in thickness and from 12 ft. to 15 ft. in height. With elaborate gateway complex on the north, there are 45 cells on the north and 44 in each of the other three sides with a total number of 177 rooms. The architecture of the pyramidal cruciform temple is profoundly influenced by those of South- East Asia, especially Myanmar and Java. Mahasthangor:

Mahasthangor, the oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh is on the western bank of river Karatoa 18 km, north of Bogra town beside Bogra-Rangpur Road. The spectacular site is an imposing landmark in the area having a fortified oblong enclosure measuring 5000 ft. by 4500 ft. with an average height of 1 5 ft. from the surrounding paddy fields. Beyond the fortified area, other ancient ruins fan out within a semicircle of about five miles radius. Several isolated mounds, the local names of which are Govinda Bhita Temple, Khodai Pathar Mound, Mankalir Kunda, Parasuramer Bedi, Jiyat Kunda etc.

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