Travel Alone-Preventive Measure

1 January 2018

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. ” (Miriam Beard) Nowadays, traveling alone has become one of the favorite recreations for many people. Why traveling alone? The bottom-line still retains on the fact that It Is better than books in terms of accumulate knowledge and experience. In solo travel, we directly come across people of different caste, creed and we may develop the virtues of painstaking, patience, endurance and frugality.However, (Pearce, 1988 p. 8) suggested that concern with personal security Is a major factor In the decision making process through which Individuals make their travel choices.

Indeed solo travel still possesses certain perils. Thence, preventative measures for Instance accentuate personal security In accommodations, stash the valuables and learn self- defense techniques are crucial to achieve a tranquil outing.As propose by Change (2009), risks In tourism stem from two mall sources: a lack of knowledge about the tourism destination especially compared to usual place of accidence, and lack of knowledge of future conditions, ranging from the weather to extreme natural or societal hazards. Thereby, do pay attention on personal safeness in accommodations when travel alone because it can seem daunting since away from the comfort home and exposes to various menaces. For example, for single travelers need focus to room locking system which include key card locks due to it is more secure than old fashion keys.In addition, it is encourage to utilize the “do not disturb” sign on the doorknob whenever take a lift. This can create an illusion that he room is occupied and discourage the wrongdoing of transgressors.

Travel Alone-Preventive Measure Essay Example

Besides that, do approach the concierge regarding the area to avoid. They can assist us to choose the safest and quickest routes for excursions. In short, threats such as murder, abduction and robbery can be lessened during traveling alone by pinpoint the own safety and security in accommodations. All in all, traveling solo do allow for a time of relaxation, introspection and self- indulgence.

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