Travel and Don George

8 August 2016

The writer, Don George, gets a surprise every time he travels. Even though he has been a certain place before, he still gets surprised. He calls travelling his “mental picture-puzzle of the world”. The reason he has been travelling around the world was because he would like to understand everything by experiencing it. After some of his first trips, he got a job as a travel writer so he could continue travelling and writing about it. Now Don George has a daughter which globe he uses to point out how many countries he has travelled to – which is more than sixty countries.

As he travels he keeps on gathering more pieces to his picture-puzzle. He believes that the travels bring him closer to God. Don George ends up believing that maybe the puzzle is God and all his travels and learning’s are incantations, prayers and koans. He thinks that the best thing we can do in life is to learn the things into ourselves and then give it back to all the new places and new people we encounter. If you keep travel and live enough, you would contain everything inside you. Travelling

Travel and Don George Essay Example

For me, travelling are many things and it can include recreation, vacation, tourism and many other possibilities. Travelling for me also means stepping out of my comfort zone. It means expanding my horizon, literally and figuratively. I’m also very amazed and surprised every time I travel. There are so many different cultures and people have so many different traditions. I always learn something when I travel. I can chose to let it slip away or I can choose to take my experiences and learn it into myself. It’s about challenging the things I thought I knew.

Travelling is lying down at the pool relaxed with a cold drink, it? s feeling welcome somewhere, even if I don’t know anyone. Travelling means taking my camera with me everywhere I go. Travelling is walking so much that my feet hurts but you keep saying to yourself “there are so much more to experience”. I don? t have to go to another country to experience something new. Travelling can be local, regional or international. It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, I will always come home with new wisdom. But travelling can also be something else.

I live in a small provincial town where the possibilities for youngsters to experience and get educated are limited. After I’ve graduated high school I would like to move to Copenhagen to study. For me, going to Copenhagen to be educated and live there would be a travel. Frederikshavn and Copenhagen are from my point of view totally different. Even though I’ve been to Copenhagen many times, I still see it as a travel. I can go there as a tourist, I can go there to be in a tournament, it can be a business travel or I can go visit my family and friends.

And if I lived in Copenhagen I would travel around the city experiencing, learning and seeing new things everyday. For me traveling can also be boring. Travelling by train, bus, plain, ship, cars such as public transport can be a downside. I don’t like to sit in a train for several hours getting bothered by the person besides or in front of me talking about the party the have been to or about their grandkids or asking me a thousand questions – Jesus am I going to hear your ignorant voice for five more hours?

Besides that I absolutely love to travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s near me or far away, whether the climate is cold or warm, it is about living and learning. Soon I’m travelling to USA for two weeks, I can’t wait to experience the culture and the pulse of the land of opportunities. The best times in my life has been while travelling, alone, together with my family, with friends, classmates or my teammates. So the wise words of the great Danish author – Hans Christian Andersen: “to travel is to live” are 5 words covering my attitude to travelling.

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