Traveling: An Opportunity to Explore the Unexplored

Traveling has been a core component of my life since I was a very young. Unlike many of my friends, my family had the mentality of going to countless places rather than the same place year after year. These trips have taken me all over North America giving me many opportunities that many have been able to experience.

A few of the larger trips that I remember well was when we went to Alaska on a cruise for a family reunion. There, we got to see countless things unique to Alaska such as people fishing for Salmon. Ketichikan, Salmon capitol of the world, had rivers teeming with salmon to the point that people were just throwing bare hooks into the water and snagging fish. Other memories there consisted of watching massive chunks of ice cave off of glaciers into the ocean and riding a railroad along steep canyons following the trail of past gold miners. Another trip took me to Hawaii where my uncle was stationed in the navy. There we stayed at his house and had many adventures. The most memorable was a hike that my family took through the crater of a dormant volcano. Apparently cooled magma has many nutrients for plants, creating a luscious jungle of vibrant plants on the edges that then opened up into the vast, rocky crater. During the time we were there, we also spent much time in the amazing water. The ocean was so clear that you could see over 20+ feet down and not even realize you were in over your head. The wildlife complemented this coming in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The trips that I found most enjoyable were trips centered on the outdoors. As I found my passion for nature and adventure I brought it locally to Boy Scouts where I camped, hiked, and explored in countless places. A few years ago, my Boy Scout Troop canoed a portion of the Delaware River. This was a first-time experience for me and I will always remember going through the rapids and camping with my fellow scouts. Exploring new places is an important portion of my life, the more places I go; the more I want to see. Each place is incredibly unique, but learning the nuances of each place causes me to become a well-rounded individual. Embracing a wide spectrum of activities and locations, my life has been filled with variety including countless sports like Ultimate, Fencing and Lacrosse, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and rock climbing and so much more. My desire to explore the unexplored has shaped my life and created my adventuresome, nature-loving personality.

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