Traveling by Plane Is Better Than Driving

5 May 2017

Plane is better than Driving It is better to travel by plane then driving while on vacation. It is more convenient in many ways. By fling there is a higher chance of getting to your destination faster. There is no need to worry about falling asleep on the weal so it is easier to stay relaxed. While fling a person has all the entertainment they need because there are normally a lot of shows playing and if one ever gets tired of sitting they can Just walk round and still get to their destination without having to stop.

If were to be driving it would take longer to get to destination because then one would have to stop at a break area. Also there would be no need to stop for food because the air hostess would bring it to the passenger. While driving it would be another stop and add more time to the destination. By traveling by plane a person can have more fun on their trip and not be tiered because of the long drive. By traveling by plane it has been said to be safer.

Traveling by Plane Is Better Than Driving Essay Example

Sources have said it is one in eleven million chance of being involved in an airplane crash while there is only one in five thousand chance of getting killed in an automobile accident. (Fury, Chris) By driving a person has a huge chance of falling asleep while driving. When on the other hand while on a plane there is no driving so if anyone were to fall asleep it wouldn’t be a problem and stay warm with the big comfy blanket that was given at the beginning of traveling. Traveling on the plane has the benefits of keeping a person entertained.

If a passenger were to drive they more than likely would bored because they have nothing to do but drive. They might have some company but how long would they talk for. For the people who are accompanying the driver can watch videos on the car TV. But those are real expensive so about one out of five people will have it. So if they were to go on the plane everyone would be entertained because every passenger has their own little TV to watch movies or listen to music. Also there are some airlines that have games to be played on the TV.

Another reason for traveling on a plane is that there is room to walk around if tiered of sitting in one place. If driving to walk around a person can’t stand up in the car they would have to stop the car and waist time in the waiting area and add more time to traveling. One other major part about flying is no stops for food meaning no spending money on food. On the plane while sitting an airhostess bring food and drinks for the passengers. Throughout the plane ride the passenger can ask for anything to eat or drink throughout the ride.

Normally the airhostesses are really nice. The plane ride to the destination of choice is a smooth ride. One thing that is really great about traveling by plane is not stopping for gas. Now a days gas prices are really high. Travelers literally end up spending hundreds of dollars on gas. When on a plane there is worrying about that. On a plane ride the plane companies deals with the gas. The passenger doesn’t have to even move when gas is being filled. But they do have a choice to walk around in the airport. But normally there is no gas breaks only for the really long flights.

Traveling by plane has become an advance hoice for a lot of people. It can be expensive but it thinks about the big picture it a good one. To travel around the world the best way is flying. Driving has become very expensive and dangers. No less it takes a lot longer. By driving there is a lot of is a great way to travel. By traveling on plane the passenger takes away a lot of risks that would be taken during driving. They get everything need Just in one spot not having to make stops and not enjoy their trip because they were tiered. Traveling by plane is foremost the best choice.

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