Traveling Down The Road

Describe how the experiences you’ve had, the people you’ve met, and the activities you’ve joined have prepared you to reflect the honesty, integrity, and willingness to give back as expected of a Daniels Scholar.

Life is full of adventures, and it’s our choice to choose the right path or not. During our long journey to success, we always make little mistakes, but learn them a long the way. It is a part of life that we explore, have fun, and to try something different for a change. Maybe to make the best time for today and in the future so it won’t always be boring and difficult.

Life is like an obstacle course, it has many challenges that we have to go through that can make us struggle. Life has many difficulties that we all face that makes us weak, but later on we get stronger by learning them. My life is being compared to a car on a long drive. A new car that has never been driven before is like me walking for the first time and start to explore new things and new areas that I’ve never seen or been to. My ideas and my way of life started to open up more. I wanted to try new things and have fun with my friends in my old quiet neighbor hood. Later on when I was a little bit older, I start to realize that life is not always perfect. Experiencing that un-perfect life was a hard thing to deal with. It was difficult for me to face and made me weak, but later on I got stronger everyday. I tried not to deal with my emotions and tried to make things right again. My road was rough like a dirt rocky road going up a mountain, then turned out to be smooth like a pavement road. The rough areas were starting to go away into the smooth areas. I got my emotions together to start a new era. I started changing the person who I am. I was little and weak transformed into young women with stronger emotions. When school was about to start again in the year 2003, I was starting to be a fifth grader and be in a new school called Skyview Elementary. I had no friends for the longest time till this girl name Morgan started talking to me. I noticed for a couple of days that she didn’t have any friends either. Morgan and I started to hang out more during recess and after school during the year. I thought to myself that my life is starting to get better, until I met her dark side that I never knew she had. One day during recess we were playing a game on the play ground. She taught me how to play a game that I’ve never heard. I listen to the instructions carefully and thought I understood clear enough. When we played, Morgan stopped the game right away. She yelled at me saying I was playing it all wrong. We tried playing it again. She stopped then slapped me in the face. I got mad and asked “Why did you slap me for?”. She yelled back at me said “You’re playing it wrong”. We stopped playing and hardly talk to each other after that. During the school years through middle school, I was alone at first, trying to get use to a new big school and new faces around. Later on I made new friends, bad friends that I always got in trouble with, but I started getting mature and getting my act straightened out. During my freshman year in high school, I started to make better friends along the way. I met my best friend Ashley during my freshman year. We’ve been friends for three years now and we always help each other when we are in need of help. Our three years of friendship, we’ve only gotten into two little fights, but we always work things out. Together till the end, the friendship will last in our memories and in our journey.

My life hasn’t always been successful in my journey, but it isn’t over yet. In journey, I will keep going to my success. I will not give up on my pride and integrity. I will be strong.

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