Threat to Ancient Society Women can make or break one’s society. In the ancient era women were known to be peace makers. It does not matter what hierarchy they are In they made harmony. In ancient world the Ideal woman was an obedient and submissive. In ancient time the only kind of women with power and voice were a threat to the society. Medal by Euripides, The Ramadan of Vivaldi, Pusher’s EPIC of Galoshes, and Beowulf has the kind of women that is dangerous for society. Made, Surpassing, Sister, and Grenade’s mother are menace to ancient society as they all were powerful women and had an evil side to them.

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Made was a princess and a sorcerers. She killed four people which are Croon, princess, and two of her own little children. Made, in the tale, commits a series of evil actions against the people which betrayed her. In the beginning of the play Made along with two children has been abandoned by her husband, Jason; and exiled from lochs. She has been exiled for three times: from her home country near the Black Sea, from Season’s homeland lochs, and now from the city of Corinth. We would naturally think that a woman like Made, being exiled several times, Is the most vulnerable and most powerless woman.

At the time of Euripides, being an exile Is not an Interesting position that a person wants to be In. It Is like a seclude. Most people at that time In Greece view strangers as barbarians with no intelligence at all. In addition, Made is going to be an exile with two children. Yet she plans a plot in revenge of her exile. On the other hand, Jason has won the princess of Corning’s love. He is going to be Screen’s son-in-law. Jason doesn’t fear Made at all because he has support from Croon, king of Corinth. It turns out that Made, at the end, is more powerful than Jason. Made has attained power from Gods and is set to take a revenge.

Made gets one day in the city before she is

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exiled. She cunningly goes to the Glance and offers her gifts and a dress, which is poisoned. Made kills the princess and the king dies from grief. “Why are you trying to pry those gates? Is It their corpses you seek, and me the perpetrator? Stop your struggle. If you need something, ask me. Speak your mind. But you will never touch us with your hand. My fathers father , Hellos, gives me safety from hostile hands. This chariot protects me,” (Euripides: 820). She then kills her children, which will cause her main but it will outbalance the pain she will cause tattoos.

She escapes with a flying chariot taking her dead children. Jason, on the other hand, cannot do anything to stop Made. Jason pleads to see his children for the last time but Made does not let him. Made is an intelligent women, has power from the gods and had a voice of her own. From this play, Made sets a dangerous message to women that they could kill others and even their own children Just to take revenge. Sister is another example of dangerous women to the ancient society. Even though she Is a goddess of love and AR, Sister Is powerful and is a threat to society.

When Galoshes rejects and Insults her, she takes revenge. Sister offers herself to Galoshes and promises In return to give him all the riches. However, he refuses to be her husband and Insults her. “Taken by the handsome Glasses, IANA/lasts Invites him to be her lover. Her lovers she has cast aside and destroyed”(Daley 2000: 77). Galoshes reminds Sister how cruel was she with human lovers and he does not want to be one of them. After listening to Galoshes, Sister was furious and she decided to take revenge. She went o her father and asked him to give her a bull of heaven so she can kill Galoshes. Well then, Father, pretty please, the Bull of Heaven, So I can kill Galoshes on his home ground. If you don’t give me the Bull of Heaven, I’ll (… ) to its foundation. I’ll raise up the dead to devoid the living. The dead shall outnumber the living! ” (Pucker: 126). Sister says to her father that if he does not give her Bull to kill Galoshes, she has the power to rise up the dead and it will surpass the amount of living people. Sitar’s father then gives the Bull of Heaven to her. Sister is a Goddess and she has he capability and voice to make things turn her way.

Similarly, Surpassing from The Ramadan is also a serious threat to society. She is the one who initiated a war between Ram and Raven. Surpassing also offers herself to Ram but is rejected which leads to revenge. Surpassing falls in love with Ram at the very first sight. She tells Ram to be her husband and he states that he is already married and is happy with his wife, Sits. “Unable to give up this wife of yours, Sits, you turn down my offer, See, I shall once swallow her,”(The Ramadan of Vivaldi: 1189) Surpassing states that he will kill his wife in order to make Ram her husband.

Ram then orders Lasagna, his follower and brother to harm Surpassing. Lasagna takes his sword and cut off her nose and ears, which causes Surpassing to take revenge. She asks her brothers Kara and Dustman to avenge her insult by killing Ram. However, they both are killed by Ram. Surpassing is sister of Raven, who is also the king of Lankan. She complains to Raven about her physical deformity and their siblings killed by Ram. Surpassing also smartly informs about Sits, she states Sits is beautiful and ill be a perfect bride for you; which leads Raven to abduct Sits and ends in a war.

Surpassing is a sister of Raven which makes her powerful, could speak for herself and also creates a war. Furthermore, Grenade’s mother is yet another example of dangerous women. Grenade’s mother is a monsters set to take avenge of the death of her son. “Then the prince of War-Seats, warming to this fight with Grenade’s mother… In her grim embrace,” (Beowulf:148). Grenade’s mother would kill anyone because of her son. “Grenade’s mother then arrives and snatches the first person she sees and rises back to the mere.

When it is discovered that the man, who happens to be Hoarder’s dearest advisor, Searches is dead, everyone is sorrowful,” (Brooder:l). She is a threat to the clan because she kills everyone. Media, Supernatural, Sister, and Grenade’s mother are powerful women and can vocalizes themselves. Media, Supernatural, and Sister can influence others and harm people who rejected and insulted them. Grenade’s mother is monsters herself and she takes avenge of her dead son. These women are a threat to the society as through their stories they pass a dangerous message to other women.

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