Treatments of Alcoholism

A thorough investigation into the various methods of treating alcoholism.

The paper covers the different methods used for treating alcoholism. It shows that before beginning any treatment, the alcoholic must pass the critical phase of accepting that he has an addiction – without which no treatment will be successful. The paper investigates various methods from the most popular – Alcoholics Anonymous- through to antabuse, the “quick-fix” drug used to interfere with the way the body takes in alcohol, and touches on alternative methods such as meditation and hypnosis.
“Individuals who have become dependent upon alcohol will inevitably suffer conflicts and problems which require psychological treatment. Individual psychotherapy has become increasingly popular as a treatment of alcoholism, and is designed to assist the alcoholic to come to terms with, and understand, the causes of their dependency and to identify behaviors which may require modification. The commonest causes of seeking solace from a bottle include, work related stress, conflict within personal relationships, or financial problems, and individual psychotherapy aims to enable the alcoholic to understand and deal with these issues, without resorting to drink. The long-term objective of this treatment is to bring about changes in thought processes and behavior, which will provide the alcoholic with an insight into their presently distorted thoughts and attitudes, and allow them to address these issues.”
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