Catholicism and Protestantism to social injustice during the American rule? almost all American missionaries were upportive ot the colonization ot the Philippines and in this tormed unholy alliance with American business Interests -supported the American mllltary movement against the Phil independence movement that caused 200,000 deaths -considered Phil as springboard to other Asian destinations like China -inculcated values: honesty, sobriety and thrift and the eradication of immoral habits such as drinking, gambling and womanizing. 10 Describe the Cursillo Movement of the 1940s -a movement within the church that proclaims the best news in reality: God loves us –

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First phase: Pre curslllo = recruitment and tralnlng of course participants by course -Third phase: Post-Cursillo = weekly and monthly meetings to strengthen Cursillo ideals. 11. Describe the National Council of Churches in the Philippines. (NCCP) – largest aggroupation of non-Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines. – embodiment of more than six decades of the aspirations of non-Roman Catholic churches for unity and common Christian witness. -provides emergency assistance to those who are in need of help (disaster stricken communities) 12. Why did the Philippine Council of Fundamental Churches (later on Phil.

Concil of Evangelical Churches or PCEC) refuse to Join with the NCCP? -NCCP cant be called evangelical because they accepted any group that considered itself Christian even if these groups did not adhere to what these Churches felt were the fundamentals of Christian belief 13. Describe the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) -a Christian movement whose members are called to live in communion with their Triune God, with one another and with their pastors by participating in prophetic issions like listening to the Word of God and proclaiming it, helping those who are needy and many more deeds of service. 4. Describe the 2 areas the Catholic Church was most vocal against the Marcos Regime. -1 . increasing militarization of Phil society > priests and BECs were considered by the military as the causes of destruction and risks to nat’l security 2. proliferating human rights abuses > cases of arbitrary and politically motivated detention, torture, and salvaging > victims mostlypoor farmers, workers, squatters who advocated land reform, ecurity of tenure, or wage increases 15.

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Describe the Aglipayan Church – its origin, difference from the Roman Catholicism etc -Iglesia Filipina Independiente – founded by Gregorio Aglipay and Isabelo de los Reyes – Political freedom = Religious freedom – connected toIndependent movement – opposed to the Vatican, Spaniards and Americans – Church of the Poor – Bridge between Protestantism and Catholicism 16. Describe the Third Wave Missionaries. – Disciplining a Whole Nation (DAWN) campaign > put an evangelical Church in every barangay Filipino idea -because of 3rd Wave Missionaries, evangelical and pentecostal churches grew – revival of religions 17

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