3 March 2019

At the age of three, I was a tree in the winter, with all my branches bare and waiting to be filled with the knowledge that the world would bring me. At the age of ten, I was a tree in spring ready to grow with new information and at fifteen I was a tree in the summer, my leaves full from what I had learned and experienced. Now, while my tree’s foundational roots will stay grounded, the leaves of familiarity will be shed, only to re-grow with my education at Notre Dame, specifically the Mendoza School of Business. I have chosen Notre Dame not only for what I will receive, but also for what I can give through service such as Best Buddies and the synchronized skating team. I can also share in faith-filled service in a way that only Notre Dame students can. Now, at 18, I am ready to be a tree in the fall, planted on the Notre Dame campus.

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