Trevor Hall by Trevor Hall

7 July 2019

I’ve never been so mesmerized by an opening act as I was by Trevor Hall, a singer/ songwriter who opened for Matisyahu at the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. His voice was absolutely immaculate and breathtaking. I was captivated throughout his extraordinary performance. All I could think was, I need get my hands on his music! Right after his set, I went up to a table where merchandise was being sold and bought all three of his CDs. This was the best purchase I have ever made. His self-titled album has been in my CD player ever since the concert, and I listen to it almost every day.

This CD contains 13 astounding tracks infused with Hall’s rock/reggae style, including a bonus track featuring Matisyahu. The songs have a feel-good sound that will stick with you for days.

The best tracks are β€œUnity” and β€œThe Lime Tree” (although every song is worth mentioning).

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In addition to Hall’s beautiful vocals, I find his songwriting impressive and inspiring. The songs clearly express his peaceful attitude as well as his genuine love for the beauty in life. His message, like his music, is something that should be heard by all. This is a must-hear.

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