Trial By Fire by Journey

8 August 2019

Journey: Trial By Fire

Journey was started in 1973. Their lead singers name was Steve Perry. He has a soft
calm voice in the album โ€œTrial By Fire.โ€ The album is a 16 song track of romance. Every song on this album was about being in love. The band originates from San Francisco, California. They have an upbeat rhythm to their songs so it is easy to dance to. The album is a blast in the past with Neal Schon’s excellent guitarist talent in the song โ€œOne Moreโ€. I think the album is very bland and most of the songs sound the same. But the album cover did interest me a lot. i like how it makes no sense and does not connect with any of the song names or lyrics. And i like how they use space themes for most of their album covers.

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They are different from the rest by not putting their band picture on any of their album covers. I donโ€™t normally like love songs but this album was okay for me.

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