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9 September 2017

Ants. 1000000s and 1000000s of emmets. each single belonging to a nest. and each nest belongs to a specific type of species. Lapp goes to tribalism. Tribalism is where people with the same ideas and rules live together in a societal organisation called folks. Same as emmets. these people are strongly cultural and highly loyal to their folks. even if it means giving their lives. Kenya is a state where bulk of its states are involved in tribalism. Although the history of tribalism in Kenya couldn’t be tracked down to the ancient times. which suggests that Kenya is rather new to tribalism. there are many struggles go oning between the folk. where people from different folks are ever contemptuous and knocking each other due to their different ideas and mentalities influenced by their several folks. In some occasions. these little actions will take to large brutal wars which involve contending and killing. For case. in the twelvemonth 2007. Kenya had suffered more than 1200 casualties in a war which lasted a month long. triggered by the re-election of the president. doing the back uping folk to be in war with the opposing folk.

Houses were burned down. people were killed. and it was a entire pandemonium. A war between you yourself might be good for ideas on decision-making. but nevertheless. in the graduated table of a state. it is non. Kenya used to be in harmoniousness ; nevertheless this coevals of the state is non able to be united due to political issues where the authorities is really difficult to be chosen as everyone is contending to command the province. It will non do much difference in political relations due to the hate of one another’s folks. including the authoritiess. Besides. in order to keep an election for the authorities. the state must be prepared to give the monetary values and to confront the effects as folks will differ with one another. with everyone proposing that their tribe leader should take the state. triping a batch of struggles and in serious state of affairss. war. Tribalism can besides be justice as a load in the human society. It had manipulated the heads of its full group. taking them to the loss of their humanistic disciplines and moral values. Competitions between the folks and trueness had caused the people to making actions from dissing to killing each other. those who are non loyal to the folk or denies to execute traditional rites or actions which doesn’t make sense will ensue to the extinction from the folk. sometimes even with force.

Tribalism – Koh Yi Sheng Essay Sample Essay Example

Besides. trueness in tribalism is merely an alibi for “forcing” its people to execute actions which are irrelevant and possibly lifelessly to themselves and others. They are forced to execute unsafe rites and to contend others where it threatens life. It is considered as a trial of trueness nevertheless. the theory of trueness is misunderstood by the folks where trueness is earned. non forced. Peoples in the folk can reason tribalism can be a impulsive force of the people. giving them a intent in their lives. dedicating and serving the folk. giving them the sense of nationhood and common good. influencing and spread outing the folk by garnering more peoples. Tribalism is so a drive force for the people. but where? It acts as a drive force for people to make bad things. a force which leads people into pandemonium and giving them the alibi on faulting the mistake on others. particularly people who do non hold with them. Furthermore. tribalism does non give the sense of nationhood to its people as it is obvious to where there is no presence of integrity in the state.

Besides. tribalism provinces that they provide a non-hierarchical environment to the people. get awaying the hierarchal metropoliss of the modern universe. Peoples live in felicity. with all the rights being distributed every bit among the folks. sharing everything they have or found. The statement is invalid as a non-hierarchical environment is the best chance for corruptness. The human nature is non designed to populate in a non-hierarchical environment due to the natural behaviour of worlds such as greed or enviousness. Even in a non-hierarchical environment. there will certainly be natural competition between one another. viing with one another. Describe as the malignant neoplastic disease of a state. tribalism is mutely destructing the substructure of it. decelerating down and keeping back every new betterment. development. or alteration.

The instance under this is caused by the trueness of the tribe members to their civilizations and traditions. where they ignore and disapprove with any new alterations which interfere with their traditional methods or ideas. This is why even with engineering provided to them. they will still prefer utilizing the traditional methods due to closed-minded believes. The emmets are really hardworking groups where they will assail other species to increase endurance or to acquire advantages from them such as bondage. However. we are worlds and non insects. In decision. tribalism is conveying the universe disadvantages more than advantages. We worlds are societal and are able to populate together as a universe. Changes are indispensable for the promotion of worlds and there must be a alteration in mentalities in tribalism or they will be eliminated from the universe some yearss due to the technological disengagement.

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