Tropicana Orange

2 February 2017

They have a strong market share and their priority is to serve the best quality of fresh orange juices made from the best oranges in town. Tropicana Premium Orange Juice is one of the subsidiary of Pepsi Company.

After such a long time being under the same label and packaging, in February 2009 Tropicana Premium Orange Juice changed the old packaging to a whole new design which looks completely different. Peter Arnell, the CEO of Arnell company, which is a design company that designed the new packaging of Tropicana Premium Orange Juice gave an idea to refresh the packaging of the orange juice by eliminating the orange and the straw in the old design with a cup of orange juice. The idea of the change is to give customers the look of whats really inside the carton, not the orange but whats inside the orange which is fresh orange juices.They also changed the cap into a more round-shaped cap with texture of an orange, the idea of this change is to make the customers feel like squeezing the orange before they finally open the package and drink the orange juice. They are trying to make good first impression on the new design which looks more modern. Unfortunately, the messages that Arnell trying to send was not delivered very well. Most of the customers complained about the new packaging of Tropicana, they said that the new design was not really attractive to them.

Tropicana Orange Essay Example

The removal of the big orange and straw removes the strong message of fresh and juicy. The loyal customers of Tropicana Premium Orange Juice complained about the new picture of a cup of orange juice that gives a different look and perception about how the orange juice would taste although there is not different with the ingridients. After receiving many complains from the customers, followed by decrease of the product sales by 20% , within one month Tropicana Premium Orange finally changed the new packaging design into the old ones.This change received positive feedback from customers and followed by recovery of the sales of the product. The reason why the company changes their packaging is because they are trying to put a new concept and perception to the customer. The perceptual organization principles, figure and ground is people tend to organize perceptions into figures and ground relationship and the figure usually perceive clearly because in contrast to background.Arnell was trying to create a new image that will make a product has in the mind of the customer as consumer may rely more on the image conveyed by the brand than its actual attributes.

The objective of Arnell to create the new design of the packaging is to communicate a modern and trendy lifestyle. However, the customere drink which make the consumers unwilling to purchase the ‘new’ Tropicana. This is in line with the perceived quality of products theory, where the consumers will judge the quality of a product based on the psychical characteristics of the product (in this case, the packaging).

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