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9 September 2016

Students, APA formatting is not required, however, you are required to substantiate your responses and opinions with laws, cases, statutes, codes, regulations or anything else that gives credibility to your answers. Remember, this is a legal class. Also, remember to state issues, integrate facts, discuss both sides of an issue, thoroughly analyze each question in detail, and lastly, conclude, based upon your legal findings and premise.

You can have more than one conclusion as long as you argue both sides of an issue. You don’t need one absolute conclusion. The most important thing in law would be your ability to see both sides, argue them, and present alternative conclusions based upon these factors. CASE #1. After two years of research and the investment of considerable funds, Coast-to-Coast Company (CC) develops a new product that it hopes will produce substantial profits. CC learns that a competitor, National Sales, Inc. , has made and begun to sell a nearly identical product. In 2002, Hawk Corporation begins making and selling electric motorcycles under the mark “Hawk. ” Ten years later, Hawk. com, Inc. , a differ­ent company selling medical equipment and supplies, begins to use “hawk” as part of its URL and registers it as a domain name. Can Hawk Corporation stop Hawk. com’s use of “hawk”? If so, what must the motorcycle-maker show?

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