True Meaning of Homophobia

4 April 2015
A detailed look at aspects of homophobia and how it affects today’s society.

This paper looks at the roots of homophobia. The author provides a definition of homophobia and explains the way it is perceived today. Included are examples and case studies.The author attempts to explain how homophobia relates to today’s society and draws upon the human subconscious as a source.
“Imagine your best friend; now imagine your lifetime happiness with this person. You have had a wonderful time in life. You were born next to this person and your parents have remained friends. You could not picture your life without your best friend at your side. After going through elementary school, junior high school, and high school you both are now in college as roommates. One day you are watching TV and your best friend tells you something you would have never expected? He is gay. How do you deal with this? Is your best friend going to continue to be your best friend, or will he now be your enemy?”

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