True Religion – Social and Corporate Responsibilites Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Forbes Magazine listed True Religion Apparel. Inc. as # 79 on its list of America’s Best Small Companies. The company was founded by Jeffery Lubell in 2002 where he started out selling his high-quality American made jean merchandises out of a new wave in LA. The company now has expanded to six continents and self-praises and affecting 439 million dollars ( as of October 2012 ) . I believe that True Religion Apparel. Inc. is one of America’s best from an moralss and corporate societal duty because they genuinely mean concern in their Code of Conduct. Corporate Responsibility Code. and their company profile. They besides have a imitative merchandise ( s ) guidelines policy.

True Religion’s Code of Conduct provinces specifically that unity. answerability. and just traffics are critical to its hereafter success. True Religion’s Code summarizes certain Torahs and ethical policies that apply to all of their employees. every bit good as their officers and managers.

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They follow a “when in uncertainty. ask” guideline. True Religion has conformity officers named Peter Collins and Deborah Greaves that employees can use if they have any ethical or values concerns. The company states in its Code that they encourage unfastened and honorable treatments with these 2 conformity officers. I think that it truly shows that True Religion cares about their employees and their decision-making accomplishments by even holding the conformity officers available. Not many companies have these types of officers ; True Religion besides has a HR section every bit good.

Per the Code of Conduct. there is a subdivision about Conformity with applicable Laws subdivision that states employees are to carry on themselves ( every bit good as their activities ) in an ethical mode. I think this shows that True Religion carefully selections quality employees with great unity. It shows that True Religion cares about the type of people they hire to stand for their company. The stating “you are who you hang out with” could use here. They seem proud of their employees.

True Religion’s Code of Conduct besides has an Improper Gifts and Entertainment subdivision that states: Any gift ( s ) with-in any 12-month period. with a value of $ 50 or more that is received by anyone involved ( straight or indirectly ) with the company must be reported to the conformity officers. Again. I think this shows that the company genuinely cares about its employees ethical determinations. It besides shows that the company doesn’t want any client. trader. etc. to be taken advantage of. They non merely care about their employees. but they besides care about the consumer as a whole.

True Religion’s Code of Conduct has an Accuracy of Company Records guidelines subdivision that states all information recorded or reported on the Company’s behalf must be done accurately and candidly. The guideline besides states that all Company records ( including histories and fiscal statements ) must be maintained in sensible and appropriate item. must be kept in a timely manner. and must suitably reflect the Company’s minutess. There is besides an anon. tip line that people can name if they become cognizant of any inaccuracies. disproofs. or skips in respects to the company’s concern records. This tip line is used when person isn’t comfy traveling to one of the company’s conformity officers. The anon. tip line is an independent 3rd party who evaluates the coverage person’s remarks and so they forward the information to the appropriate contact individual within True Religion Apparels. Inc. ’s direction. . I think it’s great that they give people two options for describing unethical behaviours. True Religion is evidently concerned about their employees being heard and about their employees comfortableness in being honest. It doesn’t seem like they “sweep things under the rug” like other companies I sometimes hear about.

True Religion has a Corporate Responsibility Code that is similar to it’s Code of Conduct codification but it has some more information in it. I wanted to specifically indicate out that the companies Corporate Responsibility Code states that favoritism. forced labour. and child labour is prohibited. The company besides insists on just rewards and hours and safe and healthy working conditions every bit good as guidelines for minimising each Associate’s “environmental footmark. ” I think this says a ton about the company as a whole. True Religion operates in Africa. Asia. Australia. Europe. the Middle East. and South and North America. For the company to implement these policies. it says a batch. I’m certain that a batch of work goes into doing certain these guidelines are being followed. The money and adult male hours they put into caring about just on the job conditions and the environment truly impresses me. The Code besides states that they do unheralded third party audits to guarantee their Code is being followed. . In some instances. the company may end its concern with any associate that has violated their Code. Again. that is two stairss they have in topographic point to accomplish success of their Codes. True Religion goes above and beyond to demo that they truly province behind their Codes.

True Religion’s Code includes and Act. Specifically. the 2012 California Transparency in Supply Chain Act. This act requires certain retail Sellerss and makers to portion their attempts to acquire rid of bondage and human trafficking from their direct supply ironss. This act provides consumers with the agencies to find which companies have an active and societal duty plan so that they can do a painstaking buying determination ( s ) . This act that True Religion has “adopted” as portion of their Code has many other parts every bit good as audits. answerability. unity. and preparations. I wanted to decidedly indicate out this act because it shows that True Religion. Inc. is committed to their societal duties as good.

In shutting. True Religion’s policies. codifications. and used Acts of the Apostless decidedly show that this is a company who is committed to moralss and societal duty.

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