Truman Doctrines

1 January 2018

States that it could no longer furnish the economic and military assistance it had been providing to Greece and Turkey since the end of WI. The Truman administration believed that both nations were threatened by communism and disputed at the chance to take a tough stand against the Soviet Union.

In Greece, force has been battling the Greek royal government since the end Of WI. In Turkey, the Soviets were demanding some manner of control over the Darkness, territory’ from which Turkey was able to dominate the strategies waterways from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.On March 1 2, 1947 Truman appear before a group of Congress to make his case. He declared the world faced a chance in the years to come. Nations could adapt a way of life “based upon the will of the majority’ and minority forcibly imposed upon the majority. ” He proposed the Truman Doctrine which provided political, military, and economic assistance to all democratic nations under threat from external or internal authoritarian forces. It effectively reoriented U.

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S. Foreign policy, away from its usual standpoint of withdrawal from regional conflicts not directly involving the U. S. O one of possible intervention in far away conflicts. He began by outlining the situation In Greece and Turkey, “Assistance is imperative if Greece is to survive as a free nation, they must have assistance if it is to become a self-sufficient and self- respecting democracy. ” Greece and Turkey will fall to communism without help. Truman requested that Congress provide $400 million worth of aid to both Greece and Turkey to support the dispatch of American civilian and military personnel and equipment to the region.

Congress granted it. This became known as the Military Assistance Program.It ultimately led to NATO- Many historians say the Truman Doctrine marked the American policy of “containment. ” The most famous passage from Trauma’s speech: “l believe that it must be the policy of the U. S. To support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure. ” They ideas of this speech informed the communism that they can keep what it had got but Truman would not let it grow anymore.

Houghton Muffling says “that Truman Doctrine expanded the nation’s role in checking the spread of communism.

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