Truth in sentencing

7 July 2016

In the past 3 years it shows from studies done around the country that 67% of inmates have gotten released and 57%of inmates have gotten arrested again either for the same crime they committed or for a new crime. In the past 30 years it has shown that sentencing has become more of longer sentences for punishment then for rehabilitation to help. Due to that a lot of prisons and jails have become over crowded. And less and less inmates have received the attention that they need to stop them from committing crimes. Honestly who wouldn’t want 3 free meals a day and roof over their head and not have to pay for anything?

A lot of people don’t have places to go or things to eat so committing a crime and getting caught gives them a place, so called home; prison. The prisons do have programs to help but they are not always enforced and it is up to the inmate to choose whether to go or not. Recidivism come in to it because inmates come back to prison for the same crime because they did not receive the punishment the deserved that will get them to stop the first time they were sent in. it should be shown from the first time going to prison for them to not commit another crime through programs and harsher sentencing.

Will help to deter crime but for not how the system is working crime is just increasing. Studies say that crime will never come to an average and will never go away because someone somewhere is committing a crime either for them self’s or for a need. The system does need improvement and need new forms of way to help then to house people that have committed crimes, because how the system is it just housing them and giving them free care for crimes they have committed. So to this crime will actually never be cut down unless other forms of rehabilitation are taken to improve sentencing laws of committing crimes.

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