TRXYE by Troye Sivan

“Life isnt about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.” That is a quote from Troye Sivan an australian actor, singer, songwriter, and youtube personality.

On his birthday in 2013 Troye was signed to the record company EMI Australia and began writing and producing his ep TRXYE. He shared this information to his fans on June 26th, 2014 at vidcon, a yearly youtube event held in California. The ep was released on August 5th 2014 with the single Happy Little Pill coming out on July 25th.TRXYE includes 5 songs, Happy Little Pill, Touch, Fun, Gasoline and an adaption of his song The Fault In Our Stars inspired by the John Green Novel. The album hit number 2 in canada as well in New Zealand, number 5 in the USA and hit number 1 in 55 countries on itunes.
Before releasing a full ep Sivan was uploading covers of popular songs to the video sharing site of Youtube. His first video on the site was in 2007 at the age of 12. As of mid December Troye has a little over 3 million subscribers on his Youtube channel “Troye Sivan”. It was at this time that he created his stage name from taking his first name of Troye and his middlename of Sivan meaning June in Jewish. In the summer of 2014 he was nominated for two Teen Choice Awards, one for best male web star and another with his good friend and fellow youtuber Tyler Oakley for best web collaboration. He and Oakley won with their video “The Boyfriend Tag”. Mellet is also an actor being casted at age 13 he was James Howelett in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And was casted in 2010 as Spud in the australian series of 3 movies titled Spud.
Troye Sivan Mellet, was born June 5th 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Born the 2nd child to Laurelle and Shaun Mellet he has an older brother named Steele, younger brother ,Tyde and younger sister Sage along with their dog Jagga. Although being born in the largest South African city, Troye and his family moved to Perth Australia when he was about 2.On August 7th, 2010 Mellet announced to his family of his homosexuality and exactly 3 years later informed the world on his youtube channel. Since then he has been a huge activist for the lgbt community.

From Troye Sivan Mellet’s latest ep TRXYE to his youtube and acting career Troye has a lot going for him as a young aspiring artist of the 21st century.

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