Tsingtao Beer

1 January 2017

To do this you should formulate your marketing strategy and then describe and justify how you will adapt the marketing mix to achieve your strategic marketing goals through the following structure A) Statement of overall marketing strategy including segmentation, targeting, positioning and marketing goals (20 marks) B) Show and justify how you will deploy an integrated marketing mix to achieve your strategy (50 marks) Through – Product mix – 10 marks Integrated Promotion mix – 20 marks Place – 10 marks Price – 10 marks Beer in Britain is a big business, it generates a retail value of over ? 18 billion a year. With annual sales in excess of ?

18 billion per year, beer is undoubtedly Britain’s favourite alcoholic drink. More than 25 million people regularly choose to drink from a range of almost 3,000 beers available in Britain, brewed at home and abroad. The four largest brewers – Anheuser-Busch InBev, SABMiller, Heineken and Carlsberg – produce almost half of all industry volume and generate up to 70% of industry profits. The most known chinese beer in the UK is currently Tiger beer. Tsingtao needs to be able to compete with the well known and established Tiger beer and consequently with all the other major beers on the market.

Tsingtao Beer Essay Example

The target should be young people and people who travel a lot. The message should be that a beer, Tsingtao beer, can join two cultures and give something more than any normal beer. The fact the brewery had been founded in the 19th century by germans is another key point. Tsingtao beer may well be chinese but it has been founded by the masters of beer, so we can say we have a mix between the tradition of beer and an innovative side (the chinese one) that could give something more, that uniqueness that other beers miss.

Tsingtao will come in 33cl bottles and 66cl bottles. The bottles will be green (standard) and the label will be very coloured and exotic. It will remind of the chinese legend and tradition but will also open a door to a magic world. The beer should be advertised with giant posters in cities, around sport facilities and in train stations and airports. The advert should be direct, not many words, a big picture. You see it, and no mattter what you’re doing you want it. You stop and try this fantastic new beer. Tsingtao.

You tell a friend about it, and the next day you want to go for another Tsingtao with them, so they know how amazing it is too. Word of mouth. Once one has tried tsingtao, everyone will want to. The beer will then be distributed in Off licences, in bars, especially bars in airports, train stations and universities. The thought of a Tsingtao will always be accompanied by that of something exotic, of a dream come true, of something far, but that thanks to this beer feels closer. The price will be average to start with, it will be a bit cheaper than major beers such as stella, bud, etc.

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