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10 October 2016

As military division is very important for the safety of country so they want to test all the features and technology used before making the jet engines and selling them. Military division can be there main division so that’s why laboratory was located there for more facilities to provide the department of military . Military jet engine was first property because of administrator structure problems so they want to take care of that issues properly that’s why all the access to laboratory was under military . Answer2 . The reason of the conflict between Hodge and Franklin according to their personalities Personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make a person . It matters to once personality how they behave, handle problems, their behaviours to others.

Some people can work in every environment ,they are comfortable in working places whereas some people don’t feel comfortable in every workspace they don’t want to work under someone they want to boss others and the same case was of Hodge who always want to be in the good books of managements and he always want to gain the attention of management so when Franklin opposed his method . Hodge took the method personally because Franklin refused his idea so he took the benefit of his position and it ended up becoming a conflict between them. Sometimes it depends on personalities in organizations Job roles: In order to effectively manage your staff, it is important to provide them with a clear definition and understanding of their role, function, and responsibilities in the workplace. It should be Clearly mentioned in the organisation to the workers to whom they report to, helping to avoid disputes and misunderstandings over authority.

Tucker Company Essay Example

I think sometimes in organizations employ took the benefit of their higher position against others if someone disagree to them rather than discussing the problem and thinking of solution like Hodge should have discussed the problem and he should have understands his responsibility towards organization rather than taking it personal. Hodge was the laboratory head so he didn’t solve the problem of Franklin because of conflict it caused loss to organization as there critical project failed. It show how irresponsible one can be get in order because of conflict . organisational structure :The organizational structure is the environment of workplace, and it refers to the levels of management and division of responsibilities within an organisation.

I think that in one organization it should be taken care that everyone is given the right to give his views ,and that in organization it should be seen that everything is going on smoothly no one is taking the benefits of there positions . A proper management should be there in which no employee should have all the authority to take the decisions according to there roles and positions Answer 3b: Advantages of student purposed structure by providing equal laboratory services to all divisions 1. Easy access of laboratory to all divisions . 2. Improvement in work. 3. Good environment in work organization. 4. More profit to organization due to improvement in work. 5. No conflicts in work organization due to laboratory issues. 6. Fluency in work without any problem. 7. Equal priority to divisions .

Projects can be completed before the due dates easily. 9. Easy control on projects as the divisions have direct control over their laboratory. 10. Prompt decision making. 11. Simple to establish and operate work . Disadvantages of student purposed structure by providing equal laboratory services to all divisions 1. More requirement of instrument and material for laboratory. 2. Costly 3. conjusted. 4. More burden for laboratory head. 5. Laboratory head might get overloaded with too many things to do. 6. Difficult for Divisions to coordinate laboratory. 7. Failure of one division to take proper decisions in laboratory might affect the whole organisation. 8. Lack of specialisation .

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