TURN DOWN FOR WHAT by Li'l Jon and DJ Snake

8 August 2019

This is a review for the new HipHop/Dance hit song “Turn Down for What”. This song is by DJ Snake and Li’l Jon. I was surprised with how much I actually liked this song. In fact, I actually loved it. This is exactly what you would assume a Li’l Jon song to be: just him screaming the same phrase over and over and over as if his life depended on it. And trust me, you get more than enough of him. The reason I love this song, however, and the real hero of this jam is DJ Snake. If anything, he is the Mozart of creating perfect twerk beats and bass drops. His combination of techno mixes with Li’l Jon’s random screams is perfect and on point. This is the perfect song to dance, twerk, and get turnt to. Now if you’re looking for a heartfelt, powerful lyrical masterpiece to open your eyes to a new horizon and the beauties of life… well this song is most definitely not for you. But if you’re looking to break it down, drop it low, twerk, or just get old school funky, then DJ Snake is the guy for you.

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