Turning Points In a Soldier’s Life

4 April 2015
A examination of Timothy Findley’s historical novel `The Wars.`

This paper examines the historical fiction novel `The Wars` by Timothy Findley, which is based on collected letters and memoirs from soldiers in the trenches of World War I. This paper follows the main character, Robert Ross, through his journey as a soldier. It examines four turning points in his life and how they changed his attitudes, perspectives and attitudes.
`What we are is the sum of our experiences. It can be said that our lives are a set of turning points. These turning points are what shape and molds us into what we are to become. These tuning points are the times that we remember and reflect upon the most. Some people’s lives are shaped by one moment, which turns their world upside down after which, they are never the same. Some people’s lives have many turning points that all add up to shape the person. Turning points can be major or minor events, what makes it a turning point is that the person is changed by it.`

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