TV addiction

9 September 2016

TV Addiction Quite a few people jokingly say that they have a friend or family relative who is addicted to television. What they may not realize is it may in fact be true. In Marie Winn’s “The Plug-In Drug”, she implies that television addiction is much like a drug or drinking problem, and is difficult to stop. Winn writes her essay in a very simplistic manner, and focuses on the destructiveness of an addiction; she illustrates and compares the destructiveness of addiction to excessive television viewers .

First she discusses how the term addiction is commonly used out of context. You will always hear people state that they are addicted to Pepsi or mystery novels, but are they really addicted? What these people actually mean to say is that they enjoy reading mystery novels more than most other forms of ‘passing time’. The same is true for Pepsi. They are not actually addicted to it; they just enjoy it more than most other beverages. Maria Winn then poses a question.

TV addiction Essay Example

Do you think television falls into the fake addiction category (the addiction that is used out of context), or is it a real addiction? She does it this way so that when she states her argument you have already begun to think of an answer and your mind is accepting or rejecting her statements. Since all of her statements support and collaborate each other, it is very easy to get pulled into her train of thought. Winn then goes on to discuss how television addicts, who know they are addicted, will try and tell themselves to do other things, but instead they stay drawn into the TV.

To these kinds of people television is an escape from reality. When you are watching a television show, you are not worrying about the bills or the fact that you have to go shopping, you are only wondering if the main character saves the girl and wins the day. The same is true for book readers. They read to immerse themselves into another world and escape reality. If one were to say television is an addiction you would not be wrong. If this is true however, then anything can be considered addictive.

Work, school, computers, books, models, toy trains, baseball cards…are all things that could be considered addictive. For cases like these really should not be thought of as addictive. An adult human should show responsibility to know what he/she likes and also to know when it is interfering with normal life. These people should be made to understand that fiction is just that, fiction. It is not real and has no bearing on real life.

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