Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots

8 August 2019

Twenty One Pilots’ debut self-titled album, released in 2009, is an introspective whirlwind of poetic lyrics and interestingly dissonant accompaniment that culminates into a completely unique, diverse work.Although all of the songs on the album deal with themes of depression, insecurity, and other related themes, each song packages Twenty One Pilots’ message in a different way; some are fast and some slow, while others feature different accompanying instruments. The songs take structures that are singular not only to each other but to music of all genres and artists, and they include ingenious lyrics that shape the band’s core message into deliciously difficult metaphors and symbols. Although the album deals with topics that have been seen before, especially in the alternative-punk genre in which Twenty One Pilots’ popularity is growing, it does so in a way that is makes the ages-old complaints seem brand new, as songwriter and lead singer Tyler Joseph uses his own personal experiences to create a raw, true experience for the listener.

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In terms of lyrical and musical content, the music on Twenty One Pilots is fresh and original in a daring and slightly frightening way that nevertheless captivates the listener.

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