Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods, released 1991 Black Mark Productions, by Bathory, is a truly amazing album. Classic Bathory, right there. It starts with the 11 minute epic “Twilight of the Gods” with a great solo by the band’s leader Quorthon, which then goes turns into chords accompanied by Quorthon’s sub human voice. There are many long songs on the album. One very interesting thing about Bathory that I’ve found, is that (especially on this album) Quorthon will start songs with a long acoustic riff, usually played on a nylon string guitar. Then, throughout the album, he will start most of the songs with or with a variation of the riff. Quorthon proves himself as an adept classical guitarist as well as electric shredder. This album is a must for any black metal lovers library. 5 stars.

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