TWO businesses are organised.

8 August 2016

StructureOrganisational Charts The organisational chart is a diagram that would outlines the internal structure of the organisation you are showcasing and this is the most common visual way of showing how an organisation is structured and in this it would show the roles, responsibilities and the relationships between the people in the organisation and by using this chart you will be able to see the structure of the business as whole and you can see it from the departments in the chart. Tesco Organisation Charts

Tesco’s Administration Department The administration department of Tesco would have to support the business by helping the functions of the business in human resources, finance; IT support and they would have to make sure the business runs smoothly. How this links with Tesco would be that if the HR department needs help with customers or employees, also they would help with the finance of the business which would include making sure they can get the supplies they need with the money they have.

TWO businesses are organised. Essay Example

Overall the department is there to make sure the business runs good and if the departments in Tesco need any help the administration departments role is to provide support to these departments. Tesco’s IT Department The IT department would be in charge of all of the computer systems in the business or they will have to set up the systems in the businesses/repair anything in the business that would need repairing and they will have to maintain it to make sure that it runs properly because in most business technology in the 21st century is very important to businesses and if they want to be successful businesses.

And the way Tesco would use this in many ways which could be barcode readers, automated checkout tills with a touch screen and they would have a computerised database to store the information for customers and Tesco also have an online website they must manage and allows for customers to shop online which is a very important feature for Tesco. Finance Department

The finance department of Tesco would be the in charge of the money that goes in and out of the business and this would be done in many ways and what they would do is provide information about the progress of the business financially and this would be the weekly/monthly financial results, they are also in charge of the operating budgets in the business Marketing Department

For Tesco what the marketing department of Tesco would do is make all the costs of the for the products they are selling, prepare the advertisement for their company, they would also have to make sure they see customer trends so that Tesco would be able to see what the customers of Tesco are purchasing the most in the store and maybe get more stock, change the price and the marketing department is also in charge of the promotions in the business which is why they would have to see what customers buy and by looking into the customers they would decide what products would

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