Two Dead in Shooting

2 February 2017

Objective: Police officers of the Greensboro PD are saying that the deaths of two young people are the result of a murder- suicide. Early Friday morning on May 24, 2011 around three o’clock in the morning, Christina Marie Maxa-Gross who was 33, and Noah Adams, 32, were found shot. Reports show that Christina’s 9-year-old son (who is UN named) called 911 to come to 34 Josephine circle, the home of him and his mother saying that his mother and her friend needed help right away. He also stated, “I have no clue what happened… but there is blood all over the floor.

It was also said that Christina and Noah were having a bad argument when he heard his mom yelling stop, so he knew that Noah was doing something to his mother The dispatcher on the phone with the child asked him to go into the room with his mother and Adams to see if they were still breathing, he replied,” my mom is moving her arm and coughing but I can’t tell if they are conscious or not. ” Also saying that his mom had two holes in her shirt that were not usually there. According to the medical examiner’s report Adams shot Christina then himself, the autopsy is scheduled for later this weekend.The boy was unharmed and now in the care of relatives, the neighborhood are very distraught about what happened and say they can’t believe this happened. Subjective: My opinion of this story would be that the little boy that made the phone call was very calm and knew what should be done. He was aware that things were not right in the resident in which he was in and he knew his mom was in trouble. He was alert enough to let the 911 dispatcher know how to ring the doorbell so he would know it is alright to answer the door for them when they arrived.

Two Dead in Shooting Essay Example

The little boy was unsure exactly what happened, but was able to give the dispatcher answers to most of the questions asked. In my opinion, the dispatcher should not have requested the child to go back into the room where his mom was lying because it was uncertain just by the information I heard if there might have been another person involved. If there had been another person, the dispatcher may have very well put the little boy in danger. Other than that, I think the little boy handled things better than would have been expected of him.

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