Two Role Models Who Have Influenced Your Life

10 October 2016

My father was born in a town called Yuriria, Mexico. He wasn’t very rich and his parents unfortunately did not have enough money to send him to college. My dad never let that lack of money was an excuse for not going to school so he worked to go to school. He began to study medicine at the University of Morelia in Mexico unfortunately for a problem that he had he wasn’t able to graduate. After coming to Juarez he started working in a factory called “Arneses” began as supervisory personnel and over time became factory supervisor.

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Two Role Models Who Have Influenced Your Life
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He always worked very hard to get where he is. Right now he’s already retired, but he enjoys the fruits that his work gave him and his four children. Gonzalez 2 As my dad my uncle Javier also born in Mexico but he was born in Jimenez. His parent just like my dad’s had no money to send him to school. He never gave up and he started working at the UACH (University Autonomous of Chihuahua) the same school that he attended in that moment. He started cleaning the pool at night. After a time he graduated and got a job at the university and began to ascend in their work.

Right now he is the director of that school and he’s about to become of Chihuahua, Mexico state deputy. These two people have always shared their experiences with me. When I cannot go more with my life and I’m already tired of fighting I think about all that they have lived and I tell to myself I can do it. They have taught me to not give up and fight to fulfill my dreams and goals that I have proposed. That’s why these two are two role models that have influenced my life.

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