Two Theories Relating to Disorderly Behaviour

1 January 2017

Those theories also show different scientific approaches to explain social disorder, using different ways of demonstrating evidence like case studies and longitudinal studies. Common fear or panic about breaking order is often associated with the argument, that the past was more ordered and secure (Pearson, 1983) and present social disorder has to be treated with appropriate, preventive measures. Yet, there is vibrant discussion about the future exchange of ASBOs with more supportive, rehabilitative ways of dealing with antisocial behaviour (May, 2010).

This essay tried to demonstrate that social order and disorder are not straightforward terms, but socially constructed and contested over times and places (Kelly,Toynbee, 2009). Even in current UK society there are many, competing views about social disorder and appropriate measures, like the discussion about the purpose and sense of ASBOs. One main focus of this essay is the finding, how much social groups with power and authority can shape our comprehension of what is orderly or disorderly.

Two Theories Relating to Disorderly Behaviour Essay Example

The importance of social order for social living encouraged scientific studies and the development of various arguments about social order, like the above mentioned theories of folk devils and moral panic and the media effects approach. In the author? s opinion, although both presented theories have advantages and disadvantages, in conclusion they rightly acknowledge the important, influencing and mediating role of the media in nowadays social life.

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